A record of my Cross Trainer workouts


(Wasn’t sure where what category to put this in, as no “Fitness” one exist)

Cross Trainer: JTX Fitness Strider X7

Fatburn Preset - Resistance Levels: 2-4-6-8-8-8-8-6-4-2

I try my best to get this done in the morning, they definitely give me a massive boost in energy funnily enough and are a great stress reliever.

Week 1 Wednesday-Friday
Day 1 - 8 minutes 2KM
Day 2 - 8 minutes 2.2KM
Day 3 - 8 minutes 2.4KM

Week 2 Monday - Friday
Day 4 - 10 minutes 3.3KM
Day 5 - 10 minutes 3.8KM (This was my breaking point)
Day 6 - 10 minutes 3.3KM (So much easier than Day 4)
Day 7 - 10 minutes 3.6KM
Day 8 - 10 minutes 3.5KM

Week 3 Monday, Wednesday - Friday
Day 9 - 15 minutes 5.1KM
Day 10 - 20 minutes 6.6KM
Day 11 - 15 minutes 5KM
Day 12 - 20 minutes 7KM


Good work. I just made it to the gym for first time in ages this morning. Was thinking of getting one of those apps that measure your effort and stuff, and can challenge and encoruge friends. Do you use one? Myzone was the one the gym were punting. Sure thre are other.


Nicely done! :slight_smile:

I currently do not use any apps (Other than my Samsung smart watch) but definitely open to use one.


5km in 15 mins is only 3 mins off the world record for a 5 km run. Your putting in some serious times mate.


Seriously? To be fair if I had fresh air into my lungs I’d probably not last anywhere near as long (sshh you dirty, dirty people) I guess being inside makes a massive difference, plus the lack of actual impact to the ground.


Week 4 Monday,Tuesday, Friday + Saturday

Cardio Preset - Resistance Level: 6-10-6-10-6-10-6-10-6-10

Day 13 - 15 minutes 5.3KM
Day 14 - 15 minutes 5.3KM
Day 15 - 3KM avg 22KPH
Day 16 - 5KM 14:27

From now on I think I’m going to do distance, rather than time. Also one week Fat burn, one week Cardio.


Thats good going man. I do about 20 mins on ctrainer and manage just over a 1km. Only been 4 times though since i started back last weekend. Might try the presets. I just do one pace.


Yeah man, definitely look at what preset modes it has. If I didn’t have a guide, I wouldn’t have a clue, just says P1 - P7 and then the levels.


First time I tried a preset it asked for my heart rate, but the sensors didnt seem to work. So I gave up. Problem with big gyms, the equipment gets hammered.