ARMA III - Adventures on Wasteland [Armajunkies #4 Server]


@jester there is a reason why we dont play on them, and I think it was because there was only ever a few players on them. Could be wrong.

I’d be tempted to try another map out. Been so long since we played them it would be like a new game nearly.


they only have one on Stratis. Which we have played the shit out of and does feel really small. But few of us on may just encorouge a few more to join in and get a reasonable player base for the size of map. Id be up for Stratis again for nostalgia.


I should have learnt by now that there is little point in getting stressed in ARMA - because what goes around, comes around.

So from the shit in the previous night, which drove me to frustration. To last night, where we came on late… found and stole a Kuma battle-tank - which we parked. Then decided to look at the base built on the main airfield… and discovered that a second one had been built next to it.

But it wasn’t locked down.

Stole all their crates, vehicles and a baselocker… Netted around 35K all in all. They are going to be soooo pissed.

Hammy also left one of their vehicles under his ownership as a calling card. ZiiP Was 'ere.

Oh - and @MadMan - The base belonged to ECID. So revenge was ours after the incidents earlier on in the evening… :slight_smile:


I reckon we did at least 150k worth of damage to their banks by the time you take in what all was need to transport all that too there etc.

Was very satisfying


Think it’s safe to safe after last night molden wastelands is a no go.

Another for altis? Lol