ARMA III - Adventures on Wasteland [Armajunkies #4 Server]


PVP i find alot harder so dont worry dude :slight_smile:


The gameplay changes and in some mods how the mechanics are applied, but the general ARMA mechanics stay the same in the smaller/lighter weight mods like PVP.

I think the issue is the same as we all had getting used to ARMA - The learning curve for just the base game is MASSIVE.

Learning the core mechanics of the base content of ARMA and all of the clunky, buggy ways that ARMA works is essential to enjoying the wider content available.

We were fairly lucky because we all pretty much picked up ARMA at the same time for DayZ and then the original Wastelands mod(s) so we all learned the ropes around the same time and because these mods were just coming in to wider popularity (DayZ sky-rocketed ARMA in to mainstream popularity) most of the rest of the people we played with were as clueless as us.

Now you have people who are very well versed in ARMA, especially on mods like PVP with ‘more serious players’ a lot of whom are old timers with ARMA - that’s why you’ll be getting picked off by a pixel you haven’t even seen inside a bush 1km away.

Time and patience mate. Stick to what you’re comfortable with until you get more confident then start striking out in to the other content some of the rest of us play.

If you fancy something a bit slower paced, I’ve fancied digging up a mod called ‘Exile’ that might be a bit more forgiving if you fancy having a bash with me?

All just my fragmented brain fart of an opinion - YMMV, others may disagree.


Keep meaning to put Exile back on again. Likes that