Battlefield 3 Revisited


Its only 20gb download @Reno, which shocked me


All installed - hope to be on for Friday or Saturday :slight_smile:


Proper good blast last night - Especially on Grand Bazaar… where after being initially dominated to the point where we were getting hit our own spawn and were down hundreds of tickets - we (@Hammy, @Scottyboy) managed to fight back and reverse the all the capture points. Really good tactical play.

We won with 50 points left. Really good scrap.


sorry i missed last night had work in the morning :frowning: but i now have virgin fibre and a 350mb connection downloading BF3 like a mad man you gonna play again?

EDIT: all downloaded and installed all the exps to :smiley:


we’ll be on tonight :smiley:


I am hopeful to be able to join you later!


YAY hype mode activate!


What time were you thinking?


For me, it depends but if I can be, I will be there (around 7:30 ish)


I popped on for abit, forgot how bad I was :stuck_out_tongue: though I did get to save @Jester a few times :smiley: so least I was a bit usful!

ohhh if angles on… this mean I can get out the red dot gun again :smiley:


Some good games, some not; refreshing to play Gun Master.

I think I would prefer some infantry only stuff over the mass of vehicles but was good to play online with everyone.


I am sure same old arguments could be made. I enjoyed some more than others last night.

Caspian Border, was not too bad. Bit not a huge fan of the map.

Quite enjoyed just sitting defending flag E on the Kharkandesque map. Map didnt seem to be too busy for 64 players.

Noshr canals!!! can go take a big fekking run and jump off Damavand Peak. Dunno, felt really cramped for 64 player. Struggled with that one, although had a few good moments with @adrock and @MicJules taking on C and defending A. Very few.

Bazaar was not quite as much fun as @Jester was on the opposite side getting frustrated.

Gunmatser was ok early on for a warm up bit of fun.

Overall I still prefer about 48 players as opposed to 64 player servers. I think just allows a bit more room for manoeuvre. But dont think there will be many servers operating to that player count.


We need to play this map… such epic memories


I have re-downloaded shooty3 the other day and I’ll keep an eye out for when peeps are playing shooty.

I should probably fire it up and set the graphical options etc. before I try to play it online :crazy_face:


Had some good games last night but by fuck, that game can be annoying if your team is bad and you get hammered! That last map was horrible just getting hammered by that tank


Might install this tonight…then uninstall it later this evening! :rofl:


Did you find any infantry Only servers? My Search facility in BF3 is not working so can’t find anything


We been mainly playing on 64 man freedom HC servee. Runs votemap. We played a 64 man game of zah…tower. all infantry only amd was quite good fun if bit chaotic. Then we played a shit map that was dominated hy nme tank.

Seems to play like that. 1 or two decent rounds followed by 2 or 3 shit ones.


It’s Friday and I am not out so I am up for some of this tonight.


What time?