Battlefield 3 Revisited


Its only 20gb download @Reno, which shocked me


All installed - hope to be on for Friday or Saturday :slight_smile:


Proper good blast last night - Especially on Grand Bazaar… where after being initially dominated to the point where we were getting hit our own spawn and were down hundreds of tickets - we (@Hammy, @Scottyboy) managed to fight back and reverse the all the capture points. Really good tactical play.

We won with 50 points left. Really good scrap.


sorry i missed last night had work in the morning :frowning: but i now have virgin fibre and a 350mb connection downloading BF3 like a mad man you gonna play again?

EDIT: all downloaded and installed all the exps to :smiley:


we’ll be on tonight :smiley:


I am hopeful to be able to join you later!


YAY hype mode activate!


What time were you thinking?


For me, it depends but if I can be, I will be there (around 7:30 ish)


I popped on for abit, forgot how bad I was :stuck_out_tongue: though I did get to save @Jester a few times :smiley: so least I was a bit usful!

ohhh if angles on… this mean I can get out the red dot gun again :smiley:


Some good games, some not; refreshing to play Gun Master.

I think I would prefer some infantry only stuff over the mass of vehicles but was good to play online with everyone.


I am sure same old arguments could be made. I enjoyed some more than others last night.

Caspian Border, was not too bad. Bit not a huge fan of the map.

Quite enjoyed just sitting defending flag E on the Kharkandesque map. Map didnt seem to be too busy for 64 players.

Noshr canals!!! can go take a big fekking run and jump off Damavand Peak. Dunno, felt really cramped for 64 player. Struggled with that one, although had a few good moments with @adrock and @MicJules taking on C and defending A. Very few.

Bazaar was not quite as much fun as @Jester was on the opposite side getting frustrated.

Gunmatser was ok early on for a warm up bit of fun.

Overall I still prefer about 48 players as opposed to 64 player servers. I think just allows a bit more room for manoeuvre. But dont think there will be many servers operating to that player count.