Battlefield 3 Revisited


No idea yet. Probably after 8


Its Friday. Im out tonight so will miss out on some n0tch time. Boo



and stuff.


Had a bash on it just now. Couple of ok-ish rounds. Very rusty. No rage yet.

Plenty of things I don’t miss but some nice bits in their that I do.

When the hell did the weapons get to inaccurate? or when the hell did I forget how to shoot?!


Sorry could not make it last night, work transpired against me… I should be on this evening if anyone is about


Yeah should be on again. Make sure you get Discord install and sorted @MicJules

Was really good last night - especially good to see some faces that haven’t been on for a long time. Whilst everything was chaotic - we won lots of maps and I believe made a difference to the team. Really played well together.


not on teamspeak?


We’re replacing Teamspeak with Discord


ohhhhhhh dam I just got TS sorted lol

i use discord for my alpha/beta testing work so that cool :slight_smile:


im done uninstalled it already as i explained on discord i don’t like and doubt i ever will like HC servers and as thats how ziip plays ( and thats fine im not digging or anything ) im gonna sit this out i still play BF1 tho love that game


BF1 is still installed