Battlefield V - what are your plans?


90 quid a year for access to all ea games is not a bad deal. As you said, 2 games would cover the costs. Might look into that.


Cancel your sub and resub for the yearly one which is £19.99.


keep meaning to do that


This is wrong. It is not 5 weapons immediately @MicJules and @Hammy

• Immediate access to five Battlefield 1 weapons*. Ready for use in Battlefield 1, unlock five of the Great War’s most modern weapons and bridge the technological gap between the two world wars.

I dont believe there will be any special weapon unlocks for BF 5. There will be special gear/outfits available on preorder.

See below, last line of comparison posted on Origin store. They are for use in BF1 if you dont already have em I guess to use while you wait.


My bad @Scottyboy was skim reading


Sadly this will not run on my already on it’s deathbed laptop


Its not out until October… perhaps an upgrade is in order :wink:


It’s definitely in order but so is a new kitchen and perhaps a car…I hate being a grown up