Thank God they don’t have a union.


In an odd turn of events the game is running way, way better on my surface pro than my main laptop.


It’s stupidly fun this. Loving the lego like mech outfitting and the satisfaction of landing a beautiful shot on an exposed mech.

Honestly it’s a lot beefier than I thought. Love that it’s basically a mech mercenary RPG where you look after a crew of mechwarriors and find bigger and better guns/mechs/troopers to throw at the enemy.

Easily recommend it.


I’ve only played 3 missions in this so far: The prologue, the first mission and then your first full mission. Just been too tired at the end of the day to concentrate on what I’m doing.

Also, my character got knocked out of action for 110 days for taking 3 head wounds in the first mission :confused: