Bethesda teasing a new Fallout game/release


November 14th


no hint of it being an RPG, nor any sign of story; maybe cause for concern? Those are pretty integral parts of fallout 4.

on the other hand, i will definitely try TES: Blades. The potential for it to be a VR nethack is too strong for me not to.


Very good points, worry mode activated.


Everything is pointing to it being an “Online Survival RPG” … That can be played Solo, but is Always Online.


If its this, then i’m all over this like a fat kid on cakes


Here’s the full lowdown…


aye that’s what i watched, as the teaser in the xbox conference didn’t really say anything.

I think we can probably agree that for the most part providing a sandbox for ‘players to tell their own stories’ results in 95% of players telling a story where they slaughtered and destroyed everything and everyone in sight, and doesn’t work in place of an actual coherent story. I can’t think of one where that’s not ended up being the case.

In 10-15 years, when Disney have bought Bethesda for it’s IP, overproduced annual fallout and elder scrolls movies, and Sean Bean has been killed off as Uriel Septim the Umpteenth in the HBO drama series Game of Scrolls, when Disney shut down game development and license those IPs wholesale to EA, and we’re playing EA’s new Fallout:Subtitle action-rpg, produced by a studio they bought 18 months ago and will close in another 12, on the shitter, streamed to whatever mobile device or implant we’ve got, we’ll be able to think back to now and think ‘i remember when it all started to go wrong’.