CD Projekt Red have started a weird Twitch live stream


So how much is an RTX 2080Ti? :smiley:


Nvidia have come up with a very nice payment plan:

  • 1x Kidney*
  • 50% of your liver*
  • 1x Eye*
  • 1x First born*

Payable over an 8 month period

“Get it today, organise payment later!”

*Pending the outcome of a medical examination and confirmation of viability


Fuck it, I’m going to give Human Revoluation another go - it never really grabbed me first time but maybe it will this time and help me scratch my impatient cyberpunk itch.


Mankind Divided is much better in every way imho


I might have a look at that on pay day, I have Human Revolution in my library so I though I’d give it another go!


Looks amazing. Didn’t want to watch 47 minutes of gameplay though… in case it ruins any of it… rather be blown away by seeing it first time.


thats me done on trailers for this im in all the way


Only annoying this about this is, that from what I can read, this will not be out until mid/late next year as the say they will not rush it (and rightly so)


Good things come to those who wait.

They didn’t rush Witcher 3 and it was phenomenal. CDPR know what they’re at and they know expectations for this are extremely high.


I want them to take their time and get it right. Loved the witcher 3, one of the best games Ive played.

Also, anyone read the fan theories on the connection between the 2 games?


That vid needs a NSFW tag… watching in an open plan office and then nude girl in a bath… OOOPS

Will watch later


There’s no connection unfortunately, just easter egg in W3 of where Ciri went.

She talks of a place with sky high buildings and flying vehicles. And people were hoping she’d appear in this.


as cool as it would be to see Ciri in this i hope it’s kept as a little reference. God i love the Witcher 3. That being said i would expect tounge in cheek references to geralt and co.


I think they previously stated that Ciri will NOT be making an appearance in CP2077, but you never know.


I’d love some sort of reference to her in it, but not her actually in it. Even just a bit in a mission where she walks by or something would be cool.


Maybe a reference in a log or depending on how things are fleshed out maybe come across a book somewhere that has a vague story reference to the Witcher or something.


HAH! This just came up on Imgur :smiley:



Holy… :eyes:


Stolen from the comments:


Having now watched the video, that is very impressive but I doubt my rig could run it; It is not normally a game I would go for but I am tempted… looks like a game that could take over your life.

From a novice’s point of view, has a look and feel of GTA and Fallout but in a different setting.

Is there any MP or Co-OP modes in the game, does anyone know/read?