Changes (Sunday 11th March)


I had an issue that meant I couldn’t access the box properly - so I took a snapshot of the box and recreated it. That means a new IP - so the domain would need to propagate (might take a few hours)

Bonus of change is I’ve doubled the server RAM and HDD for the same cost. WooP :slight_smile:


BTW, if you can see this message, you can see the new IP (so feel free to post away like normal)


What if I can’t see the message?


Then you’re MAGIC. Magic.




What message?

characters = >19


I dunno, I think @Jester is just messing with us.

@Angelclaws - Did the box really have problems or did Jes knock it out download pronz?


Everything is back up. I did have to move the droplet to a new IP this morning because it as being a PITA.

I can’t express how easy DigitalOcean is to use. Love it.


Hes downloaded so much I doubt by now he would still need to download more




Yes this is a complete sentence a midget waving is a microwave


Do people still download it? Thought it was all streaming now days. Asking for a friend


Ain’t nothing wrong with making sure that you have some quality content on your machine for when the phoneline is down and you have no mobile signal so you can’t tether your PC… Just sayin’…