Dayz. Again


I have… Miscreated? or something.


do you have Project Zomboid? Very different, but more challenging, and has an ‘end game’ of sorts; time actually passes following the outbreak, so power and water go off after a certain amount of time, existing food supplies run out, and the hoards grow. DayZ modelled it’s cooking on PZs.

I’ve yet to try Rust, and only briefly tried Miscreated but i’ve got them both.

also got h1z1 still i guess.

or we could mix it up, and you could play ARK. It has dinosaurs instead of zombies, and it’s natural resources rather than loot in shit buildings, but it’s an FPS survival game with a big focus on crafting and base building.

And if you don’t get the DLC, it’s probably a reasonable install size, and not:

don’t worry, i’ve another SSD I’ve not stuck a steam library on yet.


7 days to die, still got that.


Meant to reply to this last night but forgot!

I know its not where the game will head, though they do need to bring in some sort of missions/story/end game for it. In reality, has Dayz been left behind now that its been in this state for so long? Can they really put any meaning/life back into it with out changing it massively? Dayz when the mod 1st game out was a breath of fresh air for me, something never been done before, and shock up gaming. Then, it became a FPS kill on sight shooter with zeds that meant you couldn’t really camp. I know I was one of the worse on here for it, but its a shame because those late night raids on the airfield, or moving the camp was some if the best gaming times I have ever had.


i think DayZ would have been left behind if something else had replaced it aiming for what it was going for. The fact nothing has i think might mean that ‘survival’ as an aim for a game doesn’t work long term in a completely open sandbox. You need other mechanics, and everything else leans either into the FPS/combat side, or the more strategic base building/resource gathering sort of thing where death isn’t punished as harshly.

I’m not convinced they’ll do what’s necessary to breathe new life into the game short of repeatedly updating the engine, each time at a loss of features/content, because doing so would take the game away from the ‘sandbox survival’ that they want it to be.

I can’t think of another game that does camping simulation, and the survival stuff DayZ has any better, or as well as, or prettier than DayZ. There are prettier games, there are smoother games (both performance and animations and the like), there are definitely games with more stuff in them though. DayZ has an amazing huge map going for it, but it’s just space, it could be a 10th the size and still include every building, loot item, terrain piece and vehicle.

It needs to do something, but it’s only going to reiterate what it’s already done as far as i can see, which is a shame.


List of ‘Survival’ games I have on Steam:

Dead Island, DI:Riptide & DI:Epidemic
Just Survive
Life is Feudal


tried the experimental branch last night. bit weird; looks identical, feels a lot smoother, but is then missing basic stuff, like the ability to go prone, most of the guns, apple picking, and jumping/vaulting (you just move up in the air and run over fences).

also has an offline mode, so you can play on your own in an empty world like Price, Heston or Smith.

It feels like it’d be a positive move, if it wasn’t now going to be however long a wait for them to add all the fucking content back in. But now they can talk excitedly about adding in the Mosin and M4, and scopes for guns! Imagine, playing DayZ, being able to find a gun, and use a scope on it. Look how far we’ve come in only six years of ongoing development!

Arma 3 roadmap includes 3rd party DLC; maybe someone will make a better DayZ mod for Arma 3 but i wouldn’t hold my breath.

Also, after having had a bit of a chat with both Jes and Blackraven about it i thought i’d read up one the stuff Bohemia do to make their actual money. I now firmly believe everything we get is the product of the junior developers who hope to get to work for BI Simulations one day

Virtual Battlespace 3:

Features in VBS3
VBS3 introduced a number of new and enhanced features and capabilities, according to John Matthews, project director for Army Games for Training at Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training and Instrumentation (PEO STRI).[15] These include personalized avatars, more varied terrains and added interoperability.[16]

Fast-air performance
The performance of VBS3 is an improvement on VBS2. With VBS3, the developers implemented new object aggregation technology and smarter object fading to enhance the software’s fast air performance capabilities.[17]

Multicast system
VBS3 is optimized to allow for more participants in larger, more complex scenarios. VBS3’s multicast system helps prevent data bottlenecks and delays, reduce the server load and provide faster performance over a local area network. Multicast refers to sending data across a network to several computers at the same time, greatly optimizing the performance of VBS3. With the new multicast system, hundreds of participants can take part in virtual scenarios.[18]

Terrain development
Using on-the-fly procedural generation, terrains can leverage biotopes, which are groupings of trees, rocks and other vegetation, ultimately enabling faster performance. Terrain features are created by the engine as they are needed rather than storing billions of objects with other terrain data. VBS3 v3.6 can handle large paged terrains of 2,000 km by 2,000 km with faster loading times for massive terrains.[19] VBS3 v3.6 also supports high-detail insets.[20]

Physics capabilities
Using Nvidia’s PhysX, VBS3 supports physics-based destructible buildings. Any building in VBS3 can have multiple destruct states and VBS3 also supports component destruction.[21]

Support for large models
The VBS3 engine has been optimized to support the creation of extremely large models with hundreds of rooms, such as the Royal Navy’s Type 45 Destroyer.[22]

Command and control
In VBS3 v3.5, introduced the capability to build order of battle (ORBAT) command hierarchies in the VBS mission editor and command units can be given movement orders which will move the entire formation.[23]

Helicopter mission simulation
Simulation of the ARH Eurocopter Tiger flight model was improved in VBS3 v3.4 and 3.6. These include improvements to the cockpit system, forward air refueling points, and weapon simulations.[24]

Support for virtual reality hardware
With the release of VBS3 v3.9.2 in October 2016, Bohemia Interactive Simulations announced that VBS3 supports Oculus Rift CV1 and HTC Vive head-mounted displays. [25]In February 2017, with the release of VBS3 v17.1, Bohemia Interactive Simulations announced that they added support for Open-Source Virtual Reality-based VR devices to be integrated with VBS3. [26]

So yeah, they already have what would make a better DayZ/Arma, but it’s not for us :frowning: They could make an amazing DayZ game for us, they’ve got the skill and the knowhow, but we consumers probably aren’t paying them anywhere near as much as national armed services do.

FFS, they have VBS Blue IG, which is a “High-Performance, 3D Whole-Earth Renderer”.

They even have a ‘better AI behaviour’ product. We got Tanoa, a map whose own AI can’t navigate it’s roads safely.


Wow, what? This was removed from the game?!?

They’re literally doing two steps forward and three steps back with each update.

What the hell.


yeah, it’s a new version of the engine seemingly that they’re now going to have to import tha features and content of the game into. I make that the third engine since it went standalone, 4th overall. The people working on it, their job isn’t to finish DayZ, it’s just to reiterate what’s already been done.

Supposedly this new engine is the one they intend the game to be using when it gets released :laughing: like the last one, and the one before that.


They seem to have gotten themselves in a bit of a knot.

Conventional development process: Create a target, produce it. Release it. New tech becomes available - release iterated sequel. Rinse. Repeat.

Dayz development process: Make game with no target. produce it to point of near completion. Don’t release it. Evaluate new tech as it becomes available and rewrite existing product to fit. Don’t bother with Rinse. Just Repeat.

I wonder if Star Citizen has adopted a similar development track?


That small bit of dayz has sort of given me a small itch to play a survival game, but no idea what one. I might load up h1z1 tonight and see what has gone on in that, problem being, coming to a game late is the sheer size of other peoples base/gear and h1z1 was bad enough back when it 1st came out.


Think I just talked myself out of loading it up again.