Far Cry 5



You are correct indeed. Plus Far Cry 3.


I hadnt considered the dlc. Think i might now. Will that be like a small are to explore based on the themes? So new map basically? Never looked into it much.


not sure how they handle them, i originally went off farcry games part way through Farcry, this is my first trip back.

Not sure if you’d have tried it, but playing it has reminded me a lot of Dying Light, which i love, and is still getting support and content more than 3 years later, and still looks fantastic.


Hows the action vs travel time? Wildlands annoyed me much from arsing about getting to places (OOooooo, aren’t us Devs brilliant cos we created a pretty place?) rather than actual gameplay. Congrats, finance / business folk - ruined the game by wanting “return on investment”…
As FC5 decrees lots of “no mini-map, cos exploration” I’m extremely sceptical. In this circumstance, Division has it nailed, for me. Can mooch, but can fast-travel / focus on getting shit done.


You can fast travel to points you have explored. You can autodrive to points. There are constant opportunities for action. Whether that be roadblocks. Patrols. Supplys vehicles. Animals to avoid plenty side missons. You dont have a mini map but the map is pretty straightforward to use and you are never aimlessly lost. Or bored. But you can chose to be more remote if you wish.


So, travel time vs action? I understand it “scales”, but assume that is enemy hardness, not instances…


travel time can be short, as you have choice of missions. So I tend to pick missions close to where I am. Sometimes the story will propel me to a new part of the map. When I exit that particular part of the story and have time to myself again I go to the nearest mission at my new part of the map. Or chose to travel accordingly to where I want to be. Either by car, chopper, plane or boat. Or fast travel. So you can control the pace pretty well and the type of action you want.


compared with wildland, i find it less repetitive, and while there’s travel i’d say there is a bit less of it, it’s better travel (the driving isn’t GTA but it’s better than wildlands, and autodrive or getting a henchman to drive you helps), and there’s more variety of things you’re driving to.


Thanks folks :slight_smile:


haven’t played for a few days, and got an email from ubisoft claiming far cry 5 needs me, specifying the last mission i was on and pointing me to other missions in the area.

i can’t work out how it’s trying to make me buy things so i instinctively don’t trust it. I don’t recall the last time a dev resorted to email to try and make me play a game more either.


need to play more coop. Play 60 minutes in total I think is an achievement. Ive just about done all the in game challenges. Just got hares to skin and some a largemouth fish to catch for the huntin. Still enjoying this. Fully completed Faith and Jacobs area now. Just started Johns.


Loved Far Cry, Far Cry 2 bored the shit outta me and Far Cry 3 I got lost in.

I’ve been reading up and the opinion seems to be Far Cry 4 is the best of the series, do you guys agree as I’m thinking of giving the series another shot?