Football Manager 2018


Striker - dolberg.


dolberg’s struggling at arsenal in my game, but he’s stuck playing on the wing because Lukakau replaced Giroud up front (after Silva replaced him at Man U).


Dolberg is a replacement for Giroud - tall!


Started a new game after downloading the latest updates from Pr0.

Started unemployed and got the RBL job. Went for Euro Cup qualification but ended up knocked out of Champions League Qtr Final by Chelsea and winning the Bundesliga, beating Bayern by 3 points.

Then snagged the PSG job, bringing Lemar, Dybala and Bailey :smiley:


started my current game with two seasons at carmarthen using a 3-4-3 i’ve never tried before, got them into the europa league (by losing a champions league qualifier), two league titles, a domestic cup, turned the club professional, improved training facilities and a full time coaching staff later and i got the job of taking recently relegated QPR back up out of League 1. Made almost 50m transfer profit selling off most of their squad and brought in a hoard of youngsters, including one i’d had at carmarthen. I was 33 wins out of 33 games when i lost 1-0 away to Oldham :(, finished the season with 2 losses and no draws. And after promotion, apparently my target is immediate promotion to the premier league.

This was my championship season:

Now…what to do for the next 5 months…


ahahaha, then this happened in the league cup final.


Spurs are effectively my nemesis, having beaten me 1-0 in an fa cup 5th round replay the previous season after a 5-5 draw at home, the squad rotation preparing for that game resuling in my only other loss in the league last season. But now they can’t score even when i’m missing my ball winning midfielder and two central defenders :smiley:


Setting all kinds of records:




Yeah, take that Man united!


New update released with all the english transfer window transfers