Football talk 18/19


Thats Newcastle not spending any money for the next few years if the rumours of Ashley buying House of Frazer are true


But we don’t spend any money anyway. We finished 20m in profit for this window. Add that to last years TV moneya nd this years, that’s a nice 200 million for MASH (our parent company, and the one that gets the TV money for providing a team to fulfill premier league fixtures).

I don’t get it, who gives Steve McLaren 90m to spend on relegation, and then refuses to back Rafa Benitez, and thinks that their position is defensible?

Fatmans keen on buying struggling brands, it’s how he got USC, dunlop, lonsdale, slazenger, puma, but it’ll not be related to us anymore than his property developments in newcastle and london; the newcastle one is on land leased to the club for a century by the city to protect growth capacity, but sold to Mike Ashley by newcastle united for a pittance so he can build housing.

also in case it’s not apparent, newcastle aren’t allowed to generate matchday cash through retail or catering; we pay other companies to provide facilities for matches, and then they pay our parent company.

our club store is operated by sports direct, and newcastle pay sports direct to operate it for them. same for online merchandise sales; nothing is tied to or goes to newcastle united.

The stadium is rented out for concerts and events and stuff, this money goes to our parent company, the football club is not allowed to generate income from it.

Our ONLY income source is matchday tickets, and selling players. That’s why we can only buy cheap players.

There are some concerns that the stadium may actually be owned by the parent company now and not the football club.

Every other year, sports direct announce that they appreciate the free marketing but going forward will be paying the market rate for those considerations, at their agm. The money never comes, they have not paid a penny in 11 years.

Anything Mike has had to put into the club he still holds over it as a debt to himself of 120million, which he holds over us, and was mostly created by him choosing to pay off what was outstanding on the stadium and operating overdraft (we’re not allowed one of those anymore, unlike every other professional club in the country). We went from having 70m of debt that we were servicing (paying off over time according to a plan offset by season ticket sales and tv revenue) to having more debt that we’re not allowed to repay.

The old man at the spooky ass cemetary said it best; ‘sometimes dead is better’.


Not just rumours. Now confirmed.

That’ll be next seasons sponsors sorted then… :wink: :wink:

Is Mike narcissistic enough to rename it ‘House of Ashley’?


Some other guy was meant to be in for it as well last I read.

Ashley done the same with rangers and their merchandise. Fans boycotted a lot of stuff and it has ended up in court. Ashley is nothing but a money grabbing cunt



You’re not joking, it is looking like it will be re branded.


Modric’s buyout clause is €750million!!?!?! hahaha.

Guess that’s one way of not losing your player until you decide he can go…