General Space Stuff (Space-X and all that jazz)


Another launch in 9 minutes :slight_smile:
No recovery of the first stage today.

POZ is the primary payload, which is a surveying/imaging satellite being launched for Spain.

Sending test satellites as a secondary payload for Global Internet Coverage… run by Space X :smiley:


YouTube link for launch:


Keeping random spacey things here instead of more threads to look for.

The Hayabusa-2 (no, not the motorbike) satellite is closing in on its target asteroid to grab a sample and then head back to earth!


The final images from the Rosetta mission that landed on an asteroid a while back and piggy-backed around the sun…


Ain’t this just the tightest shit you’ve seen today?!

Sunset on the Valles Marineris on Mars.


Hayabusa II has successfully landed 2 mini rovers onto an asteroid!

Holy fuck.


When I saw “Hayabusa” I thought the Japanese had gone one better than Elon’s car and put a motorbike in space…

Pretty awesome though.