No Man's Sky - CooP


In the long list of bugs, it looks like the Overseer mission is completely bugged for me. I have no mission listed in my log and the prompt says I should leave the Gek alone when I interract with him.



Just found a new ship, taken it back to my capital ship, now no idea how to get my working ship back, anyone know?


Save file editor to the rescue - only way to fix the bug (Which was supposedly fixed in 2017) is to either start again or manually add the recipes your save file with the editor.

Did some base upgrading:

Oh and seemed to have fixed the door bug by using the ‘portal door’:

This game is buggier than day 1 release vanilla S.T.A.L.K.E.R.


my expansion plans are built around the storage vaults and farming (after building a room for each specialist, though i feel like the vykeen and the gek could share); what are you putting in all those rooms?


Got a new frigate for just over 2 mill, class c industrial, but now both my other ships are no longer on my capital ship. games buggy as hell. Still making good money now I have that scanner upgraded.


It wont let me put more than one NPC in a room so I have one room for each NPC (Exocraft/Building/Farming/Scientist/Weaponsmith), one room with a portal, two rooms with the large processors in and then four empty ones that I’m going to fill with farming stuff and processors. The dome and the room connecting to the landing pad are empty.


i’ve got a small corner nook for my scientist, then the other each have a round room, with a ladder up to a biodome on the roof. just had to add in a new wing to house the refiner, and i need to stick more storage on the other end. i don’t have landing pads unlocked yet :confused:


I shall be on this within in the next 30 mins if anyone about


My last expeditionbrought me back a bit of profit.


For some of the weird shit you see in this game

You do see some beautiful things

Thats the night sky over my base


Found a wormhole:

It took me to a random part of the Galaxy but I could teleport back using the space station teleporter.

Couple more of the S class special ships I’ve run across:

Also hit the frigate cap which is 30 and not 40/60 like I’d read. Makes sense, with 30 you have 5 more ships than you can even send on expeditions. It also looks like you’re stuck with the frigates you buy unless you delete them with the save manager.


I may have picked up another broken ship

Hoping at some point I can just sell these and not have to trade


Did some base restructuring/upgrading:

Turns out spare landing pads invites NPC ships sometimes which is good for trading certain items:

Farm room start:

First harvest:

Third expansion which is going to be followed soon by a fourth now I have the Gravitino recipe:

New top-down view of the base:

Wouldn’t be NMS if there wasn’t a bug or issue, I can’t build more than one storage container for some reason:


don’t you use biodomes, then you don’t have to feed the hydroponics with carbon? or do the larger ones not use carbon?

i need to grind out more salvaged tech for the blueprint analyser as i don’t have access to landing pads and my ship keeps getting put either in ym base, or wedged into the ground sticking out of the side of my sky-island.


I didn’t realise Biodomes did that, but I’ve not used them because the large hydroponic trays don’t fit inside the domes. I had a plan to have a big field of biodomes connected together but that killed it for me. I’ve just been deforesting the local area for carbon.

Progressed the farmer quest a bit further and have the Gravitino plant, the sentient plant and another I can’t remember the name of:

Exterior shot of the greenhouse/farm:

I’ve also grinded out the salvaged technology over the past few weeks, digging up everything I find every time I need to go foraging for anything and I’ve unlocked everything from the blueprint analyser now. 75% of it is trash but there were a few useful bits in there including two new ‘storage containers’ (that don’t let you store stuff) that need higher level resources to craft but give you navigation data and random loot (I got a Gek relic as the first one).

Reading around it seems I have to just go with the ‘Base computer archive’ quest and I will eventually get the other 9 storage containers that way, which is annoying.

I need to do what you’ve been doing Adrock and start grinding out the crafting recipes for the top tier of craftable loot to go with the farm.


I feel so left behind. I’ve not even got the farmer yet


you don’t put any hydroponic bays in the domes as they have fixed places for 15/16 plants. you lose a few spaces if you put a doorway, but you can put them on top of things and have a ladder up to the middle and keep all the planting spots free.

the end of the farmer quest line was weird, and made me want to push through the others to see if they have a similar ending.


oooooh, I might build another farm on top of my farm for high value stuff in that case, for cash and aesthetic reasons!

I obviously didn’t do the Overseer’s one, but the end of the Scientist’s and the base builder’s quest were pretty odd. Wove a big bit of story about each of them in to the final few quests.

Hammy: I’m not sure how much I could help but I’d be happy to jump in on your game to help you out - two of us mining for example could speed things up.


Cheers mate. I’ve been doing the weapons missions, think i’ve finished the scientist one. Need to get the stuff for the overseer to start the farm. Might be on later tonight


Anyone have a spare 125 million??