No Man's Sky - CooP


4PM apparently for PC… 2PM was for Xbox. My bad.


but…wtf am i going to do with the next 20 minutes? work?


Nope… just think about doing work.


sadly the work must go one. but i can still imagine what imaginary space will be like later.





Some sort of delay, going to play some more Subnautica until it finally drops, probably 7/8pm like most GMT Steam releases.


It’s live on PS4 :stuck_out_tongue:


We like to give the slower ones a headstart :rofl:


so i was assuming 4pm gmt would be 5pm bst…


Nothing yet. 8pm maybe?


Going by a few tweets, its steam holding back for some reason.


Apparently it’s live after restarting steam.


this fact is correct


6.5 gb download


1st thoughts on it, need to learn everything again. Going to have to research a lot of tech. Might be on later, tempted to try and make that world we are on now our home-world and stick a base on it.


Sorry @Xander:

However the multiplayer component will not be ready at launch; we expect it to be released later this year as full multiplayer parity remains in the pipeline.



Oh for fuck’s sake.

At least I got the damn update. Guess I’ll be solo exploring.


just on the basis it seems pretty hospitable it might be worth sticking some stuff down where we are and seeing how far along we can take things before we need to go find something we don’t have easy access to.

you’re spot on with needing to re-learn everything, i’m just not sure how much fun i’ll have doing whatever grind to get back to where i was at in terms of being able to mine stuff and defend myself effectively, because i get attacked by pirates every time i leave atmosphere or a station. If we can own multiple ships now maybe i need a more fight-capable spaceplane.

that gog nonsense sucks; if whoever can do the work for it to support steam/psn/xbl (is it available on xbox?), i don’t know why it wasn’t done on gog, unless it’s a limitation in gog’s API. I hope ‘parity’ includes multiplayer between those two platforms.


I honestly cant remember what I had, I know my ship was badly damaged and only really had the drives, so thats no loss. My multi tool was well kitted but no idea with what.

Ive not really looked into building and farming but from what I have its where the money is made, so might be worth while. Though if you can get crashed ships as a second ship, that would be a fast money maker.


yeah, i’m assuming there’s money to be made in mining/farming basic resources and processing them into the more advanced stuff, though i’m assuming there’ll still be some degree of grind.

how many crashed ships have you seen? They used to be pretty frequent but i’m only aware of the one vred found from last night so maybe they’ll be a bit harder to come by. might have a wee fly about looking later.


Didnt find any last night but wasnt overly looking. Too busy trying to find fuel