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1st hit fix details.

NEXT Experimental Build
Hello everyone,

First of all thanks so much to everyone who has already spent time playing NEXT and letting us know about any issues you’ve experienced. It’s overwhelming to watch thousands of players begin or continue their journey across the universe.

Steam users are able to opt-in to the Experimental Branch, where we have pushed a rapid patch to fix a number of crashes and other problems around save upgrading. We’ll be rolling out these fixes to other platforms as soon as possible.

To play in Experimental, right-click on No Man’s Sky from the Steam library page and select “Properties”. Among the available tabs will be the “BETAS” tab. Select “Code: 3xperimental” in the dropdown menu under “Select the beta you would like to opt into”.

Issues fixed on Experimental:
Fixed a crash in creature routines
Fixed a crash when multiple players put ammunition into a refiner
Fix for occasional crash when receiving mission rewards
Fix for crash when adjusting anisotropic filtering settings in the graphics options menu
Fix for potential crash in geometry streaming
Improvements to texture caching for AMD GPUs

Fixed an issue where some players still had physical nanites in their inventory that could not be spent at vendors
Granted players nanites when they dismantle their Obsolete Technology - spend nanites on new upgrades in Space Stations
Added a tutorial mission to guide players through the restoration of their old base
Fixed an issue where players were unable to build Frigate Terminals in Creative Mode
Fixed an issue where S-Class ships changed appearance
Fixed an issue where players were unable to build the Base Cache on their freighter to retrieve compensation for the loss of their freighter base
Fixed an issue where some Exosuit technology was not converted to Obsolete Technology. Please note this does not apply retroactively to save games that have already been upgraded.
Improved the mapping of old substances to new substances during the save upgrade. Please note this does not apply retroactively to save games that have already been upgraded.

We will continue to listen and respond to bug reports on both main and experimental.

Thank you,

Hello Games.


damn, wish i hadn’t already dismantled my obsolete tech then.


I didnt for some reason and also have a lot of Nanties sitting in my inventory, so glad I didnt dump them


i just got a free Class A 34 slot freighter…


I got it on steam as it was on sale.

If anyone is about tomorrow eve for this I’ll be game.


@adrock How???


warped into a new system, there was a battle, killed hte bad dudes, got told to open communicaitons with the freighter, it invited me aboard, and when i went to the captain instead of getting an option to buy the freighter i was able to just ‘Accept’ it for free. The previous owner is now still the captain but works for me. Also i got a free mining frigate with it which i’ve sent off on a mission that i guess i need to idle for an hour for until it comes back.


I got a class c 15 slot from doing the same. Must match what class your ship is.


The grind is still very much real. I spent 4/5 hours yesterday trying to repair my new ship and still have half a dozen slots left to repair.

Did a bit of exploring too but exploring just isn’t fun in a game built around exploring. Subnautica is significantly smaller and I’ve explored the place five or six times now but it is just more fun to explore. NMS just isn’t any where near as immersive.


Nice one Hammy. I wonder if it’s something they’ve scripted into existing save games so those players can jump ahead to the newer content.

I think my plan is going to have to be to run things from my freighter and build a small base somewhere with it in orbit, and then hop around a system doing missions and finding whatever resources i need until i’ve built a stock of the most commonly needed stuff that i can take to where i need it.

I probably need to have a google/reddit to find an efficient way to farm for money, then my challenge will be to get that setup. once you’ve got the cash you can purchase a lot of what you need.

This paradise moon with the 95 degree rainstorms has albumen pearls in it’s caves; 300k worth in half an hour of searching isn’t a patch on the former ‘planet of valuable spiked death orbs’ though, and the lack of upgrades on my multi-tool and exosuit is starting to get me down a bit.

the planets still feel quite homogenous; any few square miles is pretty representative of the entirety of the planet. they don’t differ at the poles/equator, there’s no evidence of tectonic activity (volcanoes, mountain ranges, canyons/rifts/chasms/gaps, continents), there’s not a lot in the way of contiguous highland/lowland ranges, and coastal areas tend toward the same flora and fauna as inland areas. flora and fauna don’t appear to have any dependency on environment, everything’s just a random scattering of randomly generated stuff. So yeah, once you’ve explored a couple of square miles of a planet, it feels like there’s nothing more to see. Heaven forbid any single planet have a combination of environments, like oceans, polar regions, deserts, temperate zones, jungle, forest, mountains, valleys, islands, fjords, rivers, lakes, plains.


Might be uninstalling - logged in on a 13.5hr save file aaaaaand it has reset me to the start. Completely. Everything gone.

I fucking hate this game.


Yep - all of it gone. Actual fucking rage.

Uninstalled. I’m not coming back to this piece of shit game, giving it chance after chance and then it shits it self and loses me 13 hours of progress? It can eat shit.


was it the save we’d joined you on on Tuesday? No backup of your user folder (that’s where they’re stored, i think)?


Yeah the same save - it shows all the correct play time and time stamps on the load screen and in game on the manual and autosave options but loads me in as a new spawn with no ships (not even a crashed starter ship).

There are saves in the appdata folder with the correct time stamps as well.

My other save loads in fine but that save is much further behind this one.


seems you’re not the only one, it’s reported a few times in the bugs megathread; someone linked ot that as a suggestion.


Thanks for the link.

I’ll try this later on when I’ve calmed down a bit and reinstalled this piece of shit.

I’ll post up with how far I get.


My save file is fucking riddled with that unrecognised character shit.


It worked, thanks for the link mate.

I had multiple sub folders in the ‘RepairTechBuffer’ folder (0-6) which each had multiple errors each of which I fixed. Apparently there is an experimental hotfix being pushed soon for this.

I think it might be something to do with the crash I get every time I exit the game. Who knows.

VredOverraction™ averted.


A new build has been sent to experimental on PC. This will go live to everyone on PC soon. Hot fix patches are in flight for PS4 and XBox (MS/Sony cert means this is a tiny bit slower, but will be with you asap)

From that dudes twitter


Well fuck me side ways the broken bullshit has caused more broken bullshit.

Original problem is resolved but I’ve found another isssue I think is related.

There are now 5 slots in my ship that I cannot repair which matches the number of folders under the ‘RepairTechBuffer’ group which makes me think the eroneous values I removed have broken the broken ship slots.

Its like the game doesn’t want me to play it. I’ve poured hours in to it that it just wants to shit on me/its self with stupid fucking bugs.