No Man's Sky - CooP


Jumped back in to the save file and there are now more of those sub folders with two of them having corrupt data.

I really might have to dump this game - it makes you grind like an F2P game to achieve anything and now has issues that can negate all of the grind you’ve just put in to it. Jesus christ if there is anything more anger inducing it is losing progress in a survival game over stupid bugs especially when it is grindier than Tony fucking Hawks.

Fixed those errors, going to see if that has done anything. If it hasn’t I’m going to go smash some demon faces in doom.


Fixed it by essentially cheating - the save file editor lets you edit basically everything about your ship including editing storage and technology slots so I deleted the broken damaged slots.

I deleted only the broken slots and not the other damaged but un-broken ones so I’m not being a slag.


if you can find a way to work around their bullshit go for it, there’s no competition so i don’t imagine anyone would make and slagcusations off the back of it.


Holy crap this. Find every cave you can and fill every inventory slot with these things. I got 390k from something like 6 stacks that took no time at all to gather.


there aren’t many caves on this moon sadly, and they’re quite shallow, so they’re slow to find. i need to do a bunch of refining and basic shit gathering for building base bits though, so ima hop in one of the caves when this fucking superheated rainstorm bullshit ends.


It’s cool guys, it’s unjustifiably punishing me too. spent an hour mining cobalt and copper in a cave avoiding sentinels. one eventually spots me and goes hostile, i aim at it, thinking if i destroy it i’ll just hide deeper in the cave till the reinforcements stop searching. The moment i open fire (with my mining beam), death screen, then respawn. Managed to get my gear back despite a lack of any environmental protection, but still seems like a bit of a dick move.


So don’t accept missions on freighters. Or if you do get ready to Alt F4.

There’s a fucking vicious bug where the freighter will vanish and you’ll die in space. I have lost my entire survival inventory with no way of getting it back.

I may be a bit sour about this.


I gotta say, lads, you’re not selling me on this game.


i’ve done missions form my freighter. only a couple; a kill N creatures one and a ‘deliver X to Y’ one.


Spent about 5/6 hours playing with some friends last night. Multiplayer really is a game changer, having a blast!


Just found a good damaged ship but it needs a lot of repairs. Anyone any idea about these radiation leak components?


OK, so I closed the game down and relaunched it and seemed to have lost my new ship. Could it be in a garage some where now?


OK, got back to my fieghter and the new ship is there. Its going to take a hell of a lot to repair it, so I am now waiting for a nice ship to land in there and trade it for my broken one.


What is No Man Sky, in simply terms…

Reads like pretty stuff on top but ogame underneath - just mining, buying shit to improve your craft but I may be way off.

Also, do you need to know how to fly?


i wouldn’t say you need to know how to fly, the flight model for it’s pretty basic.

you have a spaceship, you can mine, hunt, explore, trade, build a wee base, have a bigger freighter, learn alien languages, increase your reputation with them, go on a vaguely story based long quest thing…

your best bet would be to decide if you’ve any interest in that and watch some videos of people doing it and see if it’s the sort of thing you could get into. they’re quick to fix bugs it seems, but seem to be continually introducing new ones, and it’s taken two years to get to it’s current ‘better’ state than launch, but on the other hand you’d be coming in two years down the line with a bunch more content and a lot of initial teething issues sorted out.

and then there’s the fact so much of it is randomly generated that the game can shit on you for no reason or reward you for absolutely nothing, but then there’s no competitive element to it either.

it passes the time. i’ve not played much multiplayer yet, remains to be seen how that turns out.


Any one found a base since the update?


Ahh it seems you just build a base computer from the C menu and then find a place for it to go - the bases I foudn before the update were bases built by previous players and then lost/abandoned/whatever.

Funnily enough though I’ve just found and claimed a base on Hiku in the system we all started in when we joined MP that first time.


I can’t speak for the other guys but for me I’m continuing to check in out a of morbid sense of curiosity: Can this train wreck be salvaged?

It fell victim to hype, was over sold/promised (as a result of the Hype and not a little bit of shoving from Sony at the itme), was squirted out in what resembled an Early Access release, was battered by reviewers and the internet and has and will be dogged by the intense negativity it ended up creating - but inspite of that Hello Games are continuing to chip away at it and are trying to live up to the impossible game the hype created in everyone’s heads.

Even after this update, right now, I’d just go spend the £20 on Subnatuica. It is vastly smaller scoped but does crafting/researching/building/mining/resource gathering, exploration, immersion and story a hell of a lot better than NMS at the expense of the sheer size of NMS.


It sort of has me hooked at the minute. I have a 32 slot class c fighter which is badly damaged. I’m trying to trade it for something good, which is keeping me going back. Still not played loads of co-op, do really see what the advantage of it is apart from maybe trading with each other.

@MicJules I dont honestly see this being a game you would enjoy. A lot of grinding and not much reward.


i figure if you can setup a base and farm some resources, it’s useful to drop into friends games to grab resources, otherwise yeah, don’t see much of an advantage.