No Man's Sky - CooP


I’m sure there’s Multiplayer Missions at some point. But nope no other advantages except for it being more fun.


Hotfix 1.52.1 is now live on PC. Has been moved from experimental to live as users have confirmed fixes. XBox and PS4 to follow.


damn, no mention of fixing the lack of blueprint analyser that’s stopping me unlocking more base parts :confused: that’s apparently fixed in the experimental build (which of course it is, 2 years after launch).


Ive still not found a planet where I want to build a base. Yhough this new system I’m in has 5 planets, so hoping at least one is decent.


Started a bass on Hiku with two NPCs and a blueprint analyser (base only maybe @adrock?) adr but I don’t really have much else to build yet.

Also jumped to the next system and bought a 20ish slot freighter that I’ve got parked in orbit around Hiku. It has a science vessel in fleet with it that I apparently now own but don’t know what to do with. There was a much larger freighter that looked like it had a half dozen ships in fleet but was several million more than I had. Stoked that my other two ships automatically arrived in my docking bay!

Need to figure out how to recruit more ships like Adrock’s miner.


Apparently you just fly up to other fleets and look out for a green icon over the none-freighters that hails them and allows you to hire them.

Going to try it later, my fleet list has about 12 slots so I’m interested to see what sort of variety there is to the fleet ships.


Minimum price I’ve seen was about 8 mill to add a ship.


Shit…back to Hiku to hunt for Pearls!


there are cheaper ones, for around 1-2million (class C). i have three of those (industrial), a B-class industrial that’s been damaged since mission 1, and two S-class, an industrial one and a trade one. they bring back good money, and good random higher tier goods that tend to be worth 50k a chunk, and usually a stack or two of one of the chromatic metals better than copper.

i also got a token as loot that gave them drones for defense for a mission; they came back safe.


Actually starting to enjoy this now I’ve got a fleet and have some cash to buy upgrades with - just got a scanner one that gives me:

The fleet minus The Donnager which is a mental special combat frigate:



The Rocinante:

My other two ships:

Also found this weird dude that led me to his grave and gave me some weird token that displayed as ‘1 of 16’:

Flying Cow T-rexes:

Any one else getting this error when they accept a side mission from a plent-based NPC?:


I get that error all.the time. I might have to pop into your game for a look later


Also @vredesbyrd where did you find that blueprint for your scanner? And if you put it below the scanning module I believe it works better/stacks


i got one scanner module from a mission/fixing a thing/abandoned outpost thing, and one bought from the multi-tool blueprints vendor on a station. need to find another to replace the shitty module i’ve currently got; there is a max but i don’t know what it is, just that i hit it on my mining laser with 4 modules.

I’m hoping i get the blueprint scanner as i build my base out, need to go grab a scientist next.


Ancient ruins are worth doing btw. I got over 150k from one, and all you have to do is dig a few holes to find keys


I got an item worth 1.5M so up deffo worth.


In the space stations. When you’ve landed and you’re facing outside again, get out of your ship and go to the right where the three traders are.

  • The left one is suit upgrades
  • The middle one is ship stuff
  • The right one is multitool stuff

You can buy blueprints or pre-built parts and if you visit often enough and buy a few A or B grades eventually S grade ones appear. Most expensive one I’ve bought was 453 technology point thingies.

I’ve only gotten a few from exploring and then only grade C ones.


Ok, I officially like this game now. The fleet building and expeditions are the thing I was missing - I now have an excuse to travel to other systems so I can find new and better ships for my fleet.

Just got 250k+ credits and another 500k worth of stuff from my last expedition sending all five ships on the same trip. Sent out another one now for when I get back later.

I’m nerding out with this imagining the possibilities and have a plan: I want to make Explorator groups (40k nerding). My plan is to make several fleets made up of:

  • 2x Combat ships
  • 1 x Support ship
  • 2x Industrial ships

Supposedly there is a cap of 30 frigates in a fleet from what I’ve read so I could have 6 explorator fleets going at one time.

Current fleet:

I’ve started to spot different styled frigates in other alien race’s fleets that have a different style by mostly the same stats. I’ve not decided if I’m going to stick to the same style or mix it up. It would be awesome if I could find one that looks like the Sulaco…


Oh and make sure you speak to every single NPC in every area every time you visit a place - A random Gek gave me 3000 Nanites for passing a generic speech check thingy.


What mode is everyone playing on? Normal?


i’m on normal, ‘ironically’.