No Man's Sky - CooP


Normal, but what is the difference? I’ve only played that and 15 mins of creative to see how building worked


if the brief time i spent in xanders survival mode game is anything to go by, in survival mode the game continually shits on you AND somehow puts in the effort to make sure it gets in every orifice.


This. Grind is 50 times worse, your stuff falls apart faster and when you die shit breaks.

Survival plus that bug I had killed my main save so started on normal again.


Fuck that then, will stick to normal.


can’t catch a break. it’s deleting my base door everytime i leave the area and come back. this last time i didn’t have enough other stuff on me to stick down a new one.


Same thing happening to me to my main base door - keep having to add the same door back but the other two doors are fine.

Currently have problems with my fleet. Came back from a 2 star mining mission I sent all five ships on for a fleet rating of 4 stars and they got twatted.

Go to ships to repair them and find out how much of a ballache it is (land on ship, ask for damage report, physically run to components, write down repair items, repeat and then go mine resources…) need gold, platinum and silver. Go get the resources and come back to find:

  • 2 ships have repaired themselves
  • 1 ship has changed its repair requirements
  • 1 ship is bugged, has gone from two damaged systems to 1 and wont show the one that is damaged

Also, it is suuuuuper janky running around in space on the deck of the frigates. Clipping issues through doors, hollow objects, collision meshes not matching visible meshes.

Just as I start to enjoy the game it starts shitting on me again.

Oh and the whole planet defence drone thing is fucking rediculous - what the fuck are they doing there? Why do they give a shit I’m mining? Who controls them?

I’ve found a system of three planets all of which have Gravitino Balls on them that you get 12.5k for each and the second I pick one up the drone security goes fucking mental.

This game is 100% Early Access and really should have its status changed accoridingly, so much is rough, broken or missing in a fully released game its insane. The controls are a complete mess with no consistency to any of the interfaces, for example the ore process thingy:

  • Press and hold E to open it
  • Single clicks to add fuel
  • Hover and hold X then click to add/remove resources
  • Click and press X to remove processed resources then click again to close the resource window
  • Press and hold E to pick the thing up

And that isn’t to mention the mess that is the C and X menus which are at least consistent between on foot/in a vehicle.

Who the fuck designed these controls? @VirulentPip, do the controls make any more sense on console? Is the mess that is PC controls a result of poor thinking when mapping them from Console to PC?



i figured the quick menus might be down to controllers having fewer buttons to map to specific things than a keyboard, but yeah the UI is all over the place.

repairing frigates is really poorly executed, and the fact there’s no automation to anything increasingly means being a space adventurer is mostly being a space janitor. my first one is still damaged because repairing it is a ballache.


I get the need for quick menus, but the implementation is terrible and must be a ballache even on a controller.

I know they’re a small team, but this relatively small stuff can’t be impossible for them to fix surely…

Looked to see if it is something I can fix with the save editor but there is nothing for damaged frigate repairs so unless it fixes its self I have a ship that’ll either stay fucked or will end up destroyed.


Having no issues on controller pal.


At least it isn’t totally fucked then.


Quick menus on controller work well. I fly using one, and it save my life being able to rearm my shields with 2 clicks


Fixed the frigate issue myself on a hunch.

If anyone else encounters the problem, here is what seems to have fixed it for me:

Firstly, go make a manual backup of your save files which are located in:

  • C:\Users\ YOUR USERNAME \AppData\Roaming\HelloGames\NMS

The save file editor makes backups as well but if you’re paranoid like me, when you make changes like the one I detail below make a manual backup as well.

Then you’ll need to download the NMS save editor from here.


  • Check the name of the Frigate you’re having issues with in game
  • Load up the editor
  • Load up your save in the editor
  • Go to Edit > Edit Raw JSON
  • Open the ‘PlayerStateData’ group
  • Scroll down to the ‘FleetFrigates’ group and expand it
  • Go through the sub groups and look for the affected Frigate name - the name appears here on the right when you click the sub groups
  • Scroll to the bottom of the sub group and change these two values to 0 like I have here

For me the ‘DamageTaken’ value was set to 1. Changing it to 0 and loading the save back up showed the frigate as fixed.

YMMV - lots of the fixes in threads about this work for some but not others.


Ok, so I’ve found the key to quick money: Frigate fuel.

Just spent some time stocking up on this after farming some Gravitino’s and Pearls and was transferring it over to my freighter when I spotted it - a 5 stack of 200 tonne frigate fuel is worth 1,000,000.

You guys should have the recipes for 50, 100 and 200 tonne frigate fuel crafting. You need 200 Di-hydrogen and 200 Tritium to make the 200 tonne one and it took me about 20/30 minutes to make a stack of 5 so an hour should net you 2/3 million credits (markets permitting, obviously).

This feels like something that they’ll patch since it makes you far more money than any other resource, but while the gettin’s good I’m going to grind the tits off it.


Some learnin’ for ya:



  • Only one player freighter can be in the system at a time
  • All players can buy the frigates that appear from AI fleets - they do not disappear for other players when purchased


  • Any player can join your game, friend or not, private Steam profile or not
  • Lots of complete bellends are jumping between games ganking players - there is no reward for doing this aside from griefing. No items drop, no loot to be had. Just griefing.
  • You can avoid this by loading in and then going to the Network settings in the escape menu and setting ‘Network play’ to off until you decide you want to play with someone. This does not stop pubbers from joining along with your other friends unless you have 4 players already however.


  • The fleet cap is 30 Frigates
  • You need one command room on your freighter for every simultaneous expedition you send out
  • You need to have empty slots in your freighter to claim expedition loot
  • There are currently five kinds of Frigate:
    • Combat Specialist: Higher Combat capabilities. Can assist the player during space combat by sending out sentinel ships.
    • Exploration Specialist: Higher Exploration capabilities.
    • Industrial Specialist: Higher Industrial capabilities. Gives player Magnetised Ferrite when boarded.
    • Trade Specialist: Higher Trade capabilities. Gives player Chromatic Metal when boarded.
    • Support Specialist: Balanced stats, how high depends on the class rating. Provide buff of reducing fuel cost during expedition. Gives player Condensed Carbon when boarded.

Grinded the hell out of the frigate fuel and bought a few more ships for my fleet:

My two current on-going expeditions:

Oh and I found one of the elusive S class special ships but it was just short of 10million and I didn’t have the monies:

Also @Xander in space:

Found some more travellers as well - a bar person/thing and one that is part of one of the main quests:


is everyone mining dihydrogen? Because i don’t use that much i just stick a stack in the refiner; when it’s done i take what’s left in the input and dump the output into the input (5 dihydrogen jelly converts to 250(5x50) dihydrogen, but it only takes 30x5 dihydrogen to make the jelly). That way i’m only using up carbon and it’s one less resource to have to mine manually. it’s slow though, so maybe worth leaving a spare refiner down for (that’s what the one i was carrying about last night was for).

I think i need to grind out the random surface stuff until i get crafting recipes for expensive stuff. liquid explosive is worth 1m a unit, cryopumps are 1.3m, but there’s no reliable place to find/buy the blueprints for them.


I always carry a stock of dihydrogen in my cargo slot, as I am forever needing to refuel my thrust launchers, so just need some dust to make a plate and I can lift off again.

I spend most of my time flying around planets looking for buildings and ships so always needing fuel. Though, I think I’ll spend tonight mining every asteroid I can see


Mother of god…imagine all of the monies…well this is what I’m doing from now on!

I also might have developed a problem. I decided not to go to bed last night since I wasn’t at all tired and grind Frigate Fuel all night instead so I could expand my fleet. I’m up to 16 frigates with three expeditions currently running for me to collect whenever I wake up.

Supposedly the cap is higher than 30 frigates as well but since there are only 5 expeditions available at a time more than 30 will probably be a waste unless there is not way to get rid of the shittier ones.

I’ll cap a screenshot when all the ships are back and post up. The ZiiP Galactic Empire is growing!


first place i stopped today i got the blueprint for Fusion Accelerant; it’s worth 2m a unit, but i now need the recipes for it’s constituent parts. Any of you guys know how to make Organic Catalyst or Nitrogen Salt?


This is where multiplayer works, you could get a good little money spinning operation going with people each putting in bits that others dont have.


yeah, i’m thinking given the component recipes are random grind rewards it’s something that would take any one of us a long time to get everything, but if we can get anything profitable between us then an evening grinding that out could be very profitable.