No Man's Sky - CooP


oh, not sure if it was worth pointing out, the frigates do go up in rank. my first C-class industrial is now B-class. so just keep sending them on things and they should level up. i think the number of encounters is the number of individual reports you get back when you debrief.


oh, and having removed the ramp that used to go to the door, the door that vanished has now returned, but you have to use your jump pack to jump through it.


If you want to join me later one of the missions in my starbase is giving organic catalyst as a reward. Not the recipe unfortunately.

I’ll post up later what recipes I have to see if they are of any use.

Where/how are you finding these new recipes @adrock?

I’m up for any money making venture!


I’ll be on after 9 tonight, and would like to make lots of monies, as I would like more ships.


just some of the random buildings (manufacturing facilities, colonial outposts) you find where you need to fix a computer by picking a multiple choice question, and i think similar from some of the aliens you meet in similar places.


Need to find a planet like this


The fleet:


Fleet?! Mate you look like you’re about to invade Coruscant.


i got the v2 atlas pass recipe if anyone needs one.

also got semiconductor and superconductor, and i have one of the constituent parts recipes for one of them. Going to keep going at that until i run out of navigational data. I have more than i started with somehow, so we’ll see how long that takes.


I’ll take one, want to see what the hell is behind those doors.


a room, with a few more boxes, plants, one of those wall things you can get a few nanites from. over time i guess it means that you’re getting a few more bits and pieces for each building you visit.

i got a quantum processor blueprint which is worth 5.1m a unit, seemingly the top end is a stasis chamber worth 18m a pop, and i need to get into atmospheric farming and advanced refinery stuff at my base.


So I found a “malfunctioning” planet.

And my god its bizarre:


Huh, it’s Vvardenfell


Walk with virtue, outlander.


Another thing I’ve “found” is an S class scanner upgrade I bought in a space station.

I’m earning about 20K a scan per plant, and managed about 50 to 100k per animal.

Think I’ve found a good way to get started now.


get 3-4 of those, they stack.

i still need a 4th s-class to replace a b-class, but some animals are worth 368k now and plants are 45-70k


I need to stack them, only have the one. getting 15k per planet and 2k for a beast.


i need to switch out movement modules too. i somehow ended up under the impression you could only have 1 of each level, so i have, 1 each of s, a, b, and c for movement (sprinting and jetpack). Not sure how many you can stack, i got an error attaching a 5th to my mining laser and had to remove one.


I got this trying to add a fourth one to my Javelin Beam, something about ‘Overload’ or some such.


Ugh, about to do this now but its going to mean losing some of my better ones so I can reorganisee since I don’t have the recipes for most of them ;(