No Man's Sky - CooP


Thats why I havent done much to any techs yet. Want to get a set up where I can stack stuff without having to rebuild everything


Remember to feed animals, they some times poo out good stuff, or lead you to stuff


I’ve spent a few hours shuffling stuff around, flying between systems for better upgrades and upgrading the cargo area of my bag.

I can’t be sure but I think the changes have made the terrain manipulator and the mining beam less effective even though the upgrades are mostly the same level and are now stacked. It could just be my imagination though, the difference is only very small.

I’m going to grind out my cargo slots with a mils worth of Drop pod cordinates I cashed some of my Frigate Fuel grinding in for.

On that note - @adrock, I’ve tried the Di-Hydrogen Jelly thing you mentioned but it estimates several hours to make and then break down the jelly, is that right? I’d found a station with a good stockpile of jelly and had some surplus cash so bough a stack up but it says it takes several hours. I’m not too fussed with that though, just wanted to check I haven’t messed up a fairly simple sounding loop hole.

I’ve finally got some proper aims now which really does change my perspective on the game. Not in any particular order:

  • Finding better starships - this one is lower priority because the seeds seem to have changed loads since I played in the early days and most of the ships are far less interesting. On that note - if any one finds a ship that looks like an X-Wing crossed with a Tie Fighter called ‘The Nemesis of Death’ grab that thing if you can. About the best fighter I’ve come across.
  • Expanding and levelling my fleet - supposedly the frigate cap is 40 or 60 ships which I fully intend to fill even though there are only 5 simultaneous expeditions you can have. I need to look up the expedition reset timer as well - I exhaust them too quickly.
  • Expanding my Freighter and looking for a better one - not sure if you can find new base part blue prints but I’m looking!
  • Base building - again, need to figure out how to get new base parts so I can at least have some landing pads
  • Story missions
  • Suit and Weapon upgrade grinding and tetris-ing
  • Pirating - Going to try my hand at proper pirating. Supposedly your Freighter/Frigatess will defend you if you’re being attacked so I’m thinking about findin some big fleets, warping my freighter in to a good tactical position (the weapon placements on AI fleets have LOADS of blind spots) and then blasting away. If any one fancies I want to have another pop at the Police Freighter that warps in.

Exploring isn’t super interesting for me, but I’m going to start claiming planets in the immediate neighbour hood and throwing up some bases and stuff.

Lots to do now yay!


so the way i’m running it, every time the refiners empty i pull a stack of dihydrogen and stick it in and leave it running, as it takes 70 minutes that way round.

then, whenever i come to the refiner and it’s got a stack in, i sent the leftover dihydrogen back to the freighter inventory, and stick the gel into the input and let it decompress them, as that goes really quickly, and then transfer that back as well. It’s meant i’ve had a constant excess and i’ve not had to bother farming crystals since i first started doing it this way. it’ll come down to how much you’re using and how many refiners you want to run, as the initial compression does take ages and you don’t want to be sat waiting for it.

do you make more selling the frigate fuel than you would using it to fuel expeditions? i figure you’re generating an excess anyway and you could expand up to the fleet/expedition limit and keep doing that, but i’d like to think it’d be small gains by that point or what’s the point in the expeditions.

my aims are:
grind out the component recipes/blueprints.
work through the base building missions until i can get farming sorted to support producing goods to trade for money.
spend that money on an ever increasing armada.
find suitable systems and planets to make the farming easier/more productive. seemingly gas production plays a big part as a base ingredient for the more valuable stuff, but most of the gases you can swap between types in a refiner, so that’s really finding places to setup the atmospheric miner things, and then dumping carbon into it.

it’s amazing how much you can do with carbon. it can even turn oxygen into more carbon at an efficient enough rate to make it worth doing. pretty certain that requires nuclear shenanigans and all it takes is a sheet of iron and some carbon nanotubes!

not too fussed about exploring either, beyond to find what i need, but spotting animals and cataloging plants has become pretty profitable as a side line while doing so.

before pirating i need to complete the above and then either seriously upgrade my exotic or find a better fighter; my current ship reminds me very much of my space bus from elite dangerous.


Yeah by a big margin. The bigger Expeditions take 4 hours and in that time I can make upwards of 10 million credits worth of Frigate Fuel, potentially much much more with your Gel shortcut. The expeditions have been netting me something like 400k on average with the top end being somewhere around 750k. They are still useful for some of the rarer resources but not nearly as good an income source.

I’ll go get Gel grinding while I upgrade my backpack storage, cheers Ad!


“The shroud of the dark side has fallen. Begun, the Clone War has.”


This is going for €24 at the moment on GMG.

50% off with an additional 20% with a code.


Multiplayer doesn’t work with the gog version yet.


It’s the Steam version that they’re selling on Green Man I believe, not the GOG version.


Right so I’ve just spent a bit of time doing the Gel grinding and holy shit it eats carbon like me in a cake shop which sucks because you can’t ‘set it and forget it’. BUT, 1 hour and 23 minutes of grinding netted me just short of 5 million and that would have taken less time if I’d just have bought the Gel instead of making it myself which is what I think I’ll do next time.

If any of you see a mission with the Portable Reactor as a reward snap it up immediately - they’re worth 5 million credits! Back up to 12.5 million now!!!

Got another bugged mission - the base computer one keep sending me to my freighter annoyingly. Going to look at the work arounds but it is getting really old doing this.


Behold, monstrosities from a horrid world!


Another horrific beast:


Looks like the Barnacles from City 17 escaped and grew up!


Ignore what I said about the Portal Reactor - it forms part of a larger more rare recipe that can be sold for 18 million instead of 5, so keep hold of it!!

A major note for anyone inclined to follow the story missions - be warey of the Artemis quest line. If you have a base or are in a system you want to stick close to it is essential you have a base with a teleporter otherwise you’ll lose the base. Also understand that if you finish it you’ll be triggering what is essentially ‘New game+’ which incurs certain losses…look it up if you’re particularly bothered, I don’t want to spoil it too heavily but wanted to warn you guys.


Just followed up on the base parts quest after finding a fix to the bug that placed the marker on my Freighter (warp the Freighter to another system then come back to you base in your Star Ship and it’ll work) and it has led to unlocking a storage crate (small and you can only build one so a bit pointlesss), an Auto miner (Place it on deposites), an Atmosphere processor (makes Nitrogen), a beacon and an advanced material processor which is the same as the small one but allows you to place three different inputs and doesn’t require any fuel. Got a bunch more recipes as well.

To get the salvaged tech to unlock more parts for the blue print analyser you need to dig up buried technology.


the atmosphere processors make different gases depending on the planet i think, or you can refine them into one another given enough carbon.

that’s what i’m currently going by until i can find something similar that’s confirmed to be accurate for NEXT. There’s a similar one to make a ‘Fusion Igniter’ that’s worth the same 18m a pop.


I’m pretty sure I have some of that aronium already.


i’ve gotten the bottom 3, the enriched carbon, thermic condensate, and semiconductor from expeditions, but only in small quantities. Reading up a bit, you can farm the biological bits, the atmospheric processors gather the gas, and miners can get the mineral parts, and you stick them all together with carbon. I only have maybe half the recipes though, so still grinding those out whenever i gather a stack of navigational data, and gathering those while i try and do the base building quest line (i don’t want an infra knife, but i’ve got one now) so i can get the farming one started.


Spent some time chasing the base and exocraft questlines:

Current base:

Not sure how I get to the farming bit yet, the only outstanding quests I have left are two of the main story questss and one for a new recipe I’ve found, unless it is the base computer thing with the 1 hour 20 minute countdown.


overseer gave me a quest to build a farming terminal thing, and then i had to go hire a gek farmer, and he gives you basic recipes and quests to get new ones (for the plants themselves).