No more consoles?


Ok, here’s two ideas:

  1. They’ll phase it in along another refresh of current gen or two and gradually shift further and further to the cloud until they phase out all but peripheral hardware to play the streams with.

  2. They’ll throw a lot of resources at making cloud happen and really put the focus there but also give a more stripped down experience in the form of on-going incremental refreshes in smaller numbers with less of a focus put on that part of the experience but keep some form of physical console experience even if the physical media aspect dies but still allows for downloads and local play.

So positivity up ya.


@VirulentPip yeah was watching that. Guys stream I was watching it on got all excited thinkingnit was an official announcement of the next console. Douche. I since found youtube official.


Well, Goog are maybe at it now as well - article:


Google could be the next major company to announce efforts to stream high-end games from remote servers. Kotaku cites five unnamed people familiar with the company’s plans in reporting on the existence of an effort to roll out a streaming gaming platform and hardware to enable it, alongside “an attempt to bring game developers under the Google umbrella, whether through aggressive recruiting or even major acquisitions.”

The Information reported similar whispers of Google’s game-streaming plans back in February, saying a program codenamed Yeti had been in development for at least two years. But Kotaku adds that Google met with “several big video game companies” at March’s Game Developers Conference and June’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, looking to make acquisitions and attract support for the coming streaming platform. Kotaku’s sources also suggest Yeti could be integrated with Google’s existing YouTube services, letting users look up video walkthroughs without even leaving the game.