Anyone got/used/or thought about getting one? Mines just been delivered!

It’s a lot more smaller than I had imagined!!

Will report back later once set up.


I have NO idea WTF this is for :joy::joy::joy:


The aesthetics make me think that the designer’s inspiration was, “What is the kind of thing that Pythagoras would wank to?”


@Leepants https://www.nvidia.co.uk/shield/shield-tv/


If anyone is looking for one… linky…

£181 - that’s quite pricey… buuutt… does sound pretty awesome - all streaming in one box including Prime.

Does it handle nowtv @VirulentPip ?

Would be nice to play some games again on the livingroom TV. What’s the controller like?


I shall let you know in a couple of hours @Jester ! The fact that it also has Chromecast Ultra built in is awesomeness!! That’s £70 as it is, so I’ll be selling mine (the Chromecast that is)


@Jester in regards to NowTV, there’s no app on the Google Playstore. However, it is capable of casting via phone app. But I cannot check playback as I do not have any packages.


Little bit of testing done this afternoon. My TV does have a “Game Mode” to lower input lag. I did notice some with it off yesterday, this could have been a network problem though as it’s hard to tell. On loading screens it does recommend using “Game Mode” if TV has one for a better experience.

Anyways here’s two videos.

I remember to turn the volume up about 7mins in. My bad.


Casting NowTV to the Shield via an android phone works perfectly fine.


Two issues I have run into, which is well known. Is that there’s no refresh rate auto switch with the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video etc, so 24p will output at 60 unless manually change in the settings of the shield. But then 60 will play at 24 unless change back.

Plex and Kodi have auto switch options built into their apps, loads of people have asked for this to be a system wide feature, so it’ll likely come to future OS updates.

Another thing is lack of colour space switching, with a HDR TV the recommeded HDMI setting is for REC.2020. But SDR files will not change to REC.709. This isn’t a problem for me as my TV is more than capable of displaying decent image SDR REC.2020. Also not an issue if you don’t have a HDR display…

Other than those two slight issues, it’s great so far. Android 8.0 update is rolling out as well, so will only get better :slight_smile:


Pipples - whats your chromecast build? Can normal live tv be watched?



This is the Chromecast I have - https://www.google.com/intl/en_uk/chromecast/tv/ultra/

It’s also built into the Nvidia Shield, so I have no need for it.

List of Compatible “TV” apps - https://www.google.com/intl/en_uk/chromecast/tv/ultra/apps/


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand if you sell it - how much for? :wink:


@Leepants Need to check postage costs, but looking at £35 before postage, shouldn’t come to more than £40 total.


Lemme know, pleeeeeeeeeeeease, as I may well have it for a mate :slight_smile:



@Leepants If I selected the right thingy as small parcel, delivery comes to £4.45 for 1st class or 2nd class for £3.95 (both signed for and cover of loss up to £50)



O and paypal details, kplzthx. I prefer not to know yer bank details… :wink: