Oh fuck... EVE


I think pants wants to be in the same areas as youse three…

Where do you all “live” in the universe?


@Leepants We live in Palas inthe Khanid system. Your starting system depends on the corporation you pick when you create the character, for instance, creating a new Minmatar player with a corporation of “Republic Military School” will place you in Ammold.
Sehmy VIII - Moon 2 - Hedion University
Emrayur III - Moon 1 - Royal Amarr Institute
Chaven VIII - Moon 1 - Imperial Academy
Todaki VI - Moon 1 - School of Applied Knowledge
Kisogo VII - State War Academy
Amsen VI - Moon 1 - Science and Trade Institute
Cistuvaert V - Moon 12 - Center for Advanced Studies
Duripant VII - Moon 6 - Federal Navy Academy
Bourynes VII - Moon 2 - University of Caille
Hulm VIII - Moon 2 - Republic University
Ammold V - Republic Military School
Ryddinjorn VI - Moon 2 - Pator Tech School
Your medical clone is initially located in your starting station, although you can move it to any other station should you wish to. This means that if you somehow get your pod and clone blown up your fresh new sleeve will be released at that station.

I can bang all of these into the navigation computer when I get home and see which is closest if you want, but travelling to us is easy. In fact I’d be happy to come hold your hand for the very first bits if required. The beginner tutorial is very good and gives you crucial skill books and money to start you on your way and give you a basic understanding though.


Post Script - if you’re only doing the free version I believe you are limited to only flying the ships of the race you choose…


Your Faction is the most important choice. Where we are will be secondary as you can fly anywhere. As Schpoony says.


The current “biggest loss of the last 7 days”…sweet Holy Horatio, what the…???

123,793,949,496.87 ISK


Shit a brick!

Those officer heat sinks!! 1.1 billion each!!!


Recommendations are? :slight_smile:


I went based on weapon type and speciality.

Minmatar = Kinetic weapons (bullets) + armour tanking.

Caldari = Missiles + Shield tanking.

Gallente = Lasers? + Shield tanking.

Essentially, once you start getting trained up, you can fly fucking anything. You just need the necessary skill books. You can fly to where we are based right from the get-go, but do the tutorial missions first. It will net you a bunch of ISK and some freebie ships.


I understand the rock / paper / scissors scenario, but there is normally one that is “better” for early progression without penalties over time. Like Civ.


None that I know of… Kinetic weapons need to be a bit closer (small turrets)… but that’s as much as I can think of?


About to dump a few million on more skills books to help with the Mastery levels of the Hurricane.

Its speciality is Medium turrets, so I should use them.

Also, as an aside, I went to an AB in my Thrasher to eat a few Rats. Found an Inquisitor just sitting there doing nothing. Slapped it around with the trasher and it just sat there and took the punishment. 72,000 ISK bounty for the single ship!

Paltry return in the grand scheme of things, but hunting those high-end Rats could be quite lucrative if we were to clean up the belts.


Gallente are hybrid weapons and armour tanking.

Amarr are beam weapons and shield tanking.


Today I ran a bunch of Security missions in Danera.

7 steps in this string of missions and it requires a fuck-ton of tanking and ammo.

Many a return to a nearby station (THAT FUCKING HEALS YOU!) to recover from a few waves now and then.

I still have 2 stages left to do, but no rush.

All in all, just over 8 Million ISK in rewards and bounties. Fuck all loot in the later parts (Drone enemies), but the first couple yielded about 700K in ammo.


Did you get this finished ok in the end? Was it a decent payout?


I still have stages 6 and 7 to complete. Mission vendor payout is about 1 Million, with the Bounties up around 1.4 million for these higher ones.


I’ll be around tonight if you want a hand?


I might be as well. If we can get Caolan’s missions done are we up for some more Gala stuff? I want more of those skill training accelerators…


The remaining missions could be a piece of piss, but the difficulty curve has been there! It’s the sheer volume of targets at each of the drone sites. Thankfully, I’ve only lost 3 drones to enemy fighters so far. I’m doing hit and run tactics. Stay outside of turret range to limit the Neut/scramble/stasis damage (draining Cap is a bastard when I’m tanking!), pick off some of the cruisers and get the attention of the others and lure them out to me. Get down to 10% armour, warp to a station, heal, then go back again and nibble away at the now-gathered units.

It took me about an hour to do the 5th mission in the series, but fuck the rewards were worth it.


I might try to change my loadout to include 3 artillery pieces and the rest of the turret slots as small autocannons. The autocannons shred enemy fighters, especially when mixed with Drone support. The artillery does nice damage from a distance against anything bigger than a frigate.


Played a good bit of Elite with the Oculus, so EVE is extremely tempting right now, seems like there’s loads to do and explore, (love to mine and upgrade ships).