Rainbow 6 Update due today/tomorrow


For Info. 2.7GB R6 Update seems to be underway for me this morning. No idea what it is.


Patch Notes for mid-season update v1.2:

And something you don’t see too often, the full breakdown of their logic behind each change! Would be good to see more of these done by devs.


Holy thread revival Batman!

New operators and map being announced in the coming weeks. Also a “pick and ban” option, which lets you ban certain operators from the other team for that game/round. Not quite sure about that, need to read up more on it. Though could be interesting banning all the new operators to piss players off.

edit: new map is call Villa.


So the exterior will look all expensive, but the interior will be rotten to the core. Fans will say it’s a ‘big map’ that deserves to be in the Premier League of maps, but actually has all the makings of a run-of-the-mill map that will neither impress, nor be forgotten about?

or am I reading to much into this?


Sounds about right. Next update will bring in some elements from an older map which used to do well to see if it can help this map move you to the next level.

But really they are just there for one last swan song before leaving.


I’m done with R6 tbh. It was a pleasant enough ride - but the influx of characters ruined the balance. When will developers learn - game balance is a precise art that needs to be kept in equilibrium at all times. Throwing in new character ever few months breaks that.

Equally, the newer maps haven’t been that good recently.


Id bet tempted to try it again for a blast.


I’d give it another try, but we might have to push through an initial re-acclimatisation period filled with rage and frustration.