SCUM - a better DayZ/EXILE experience?


happened across this, anyone been keeping an eye on it? It looks a lot like DayZ in the videos, with similar survival mechanics (temperature, how wet your gear is etc), but with skills and player development. The idea is you’re remote controlling prisoners in some max security prison environment, and he talks about having game modes that’ll last both half an hour, or hundreds of hours, with 64+ players on a server.


The longer Q&A after the description of how wetness works is good and gives you a good idea of where they’re coming from, their thoughts on TPP vs FPP, cheating, gamemodes; i’m excusing his pronunciation of peripheral (periphiel).


ooo Devolver Digital & Croteam… those guys will introduce some wierd shit into this genre…


the detail they’ve got in their spotting/camo/awareness systems, and the holding your breath while shooting.

“we’ve included a simple zeroing system to callibrate your scope, but we can put in a fully realistic one if that’s what you want”…


Think I remember looking at this a few months ago and it seemed interesting. Is it full release yet?


Saw they had a very nice vaulting system, where the weight of your character and the items they carried would affect the way you moved, definitely seems interesting!