Show us you desk


Only doing this thread as I finally got mine set up the way I have wanted it for a long time! 35 quid in Ikea today for desk to and legs.


Think the desk cost me about £30 from ikea, maybe 8 years ago?


Please excuse the chaotic paperwork - am preparing papers for 6 different events over the next 4 weeks, as well as writing up my notes from the 4 over the last two weeks.

The desk has done good service over the last 9 or 10 years. It puts up with a lot - especially supporting those two 4K monitors and I think cost me around 40 quid.


All the things I need on my desk exceed the capacity of my desk.

Here is a photo of said desk; and the surrounding shite I need close to me.
It used to be a lot more organised and actually cabled toghether, but I moved house and I’m too lazy to hook it back up.


The mancave.


Well here is the desk in the spare room. The screens are mainly for work.Got the desk in Ikea a few years ago. The PC is just sitting on a night stand.


@Scottyboy, desk bros :facepunch:


links not working for me


What is that weird looking keyboard?


fed up with desk, I built a wall-to-wall continuous desk from a long piece of kitchen workshop - it’s about twice as long as this pic, with Angel’s PC on the other end… Batons at both end support it, with 2 metal legs and a wooden subframe on the rear that I built from scratch for extra support - not that it needs it, but the dogs sleep underneath so would rather be safe than sorry that it is secure.

Left monitor is my server, runs VMs and mainly runs headless - so has a NowTV box attached to it so use it for TV. Main screen is either for my Mac or my Main PC that is under the desk.


Yea no desk :confused:


wonky panoramic because i didn’t want to get up from my desk, and turned my chair too fast:

proper photo when i compromised and rolled my chair back rather than standing:

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also desks.


Much less of a mess then I normally have on there


So just moved. Got a great spot for the pc:


How can you use a desk that narrow. Would drive me nuts.


Its actually perfectly fine tbh. I dont need much space ^^


I like the Steelseries mousemat.(I’ve got the same one)


My desk is (meant! to be) the other half of Jesters… As you can tell he takes up the majority…

Heres my little corner :joy::joy: