Star Trek Disco. Discussion thread. There may or may not be be spoilers


As a last episode goes, it was ok. Will discuss more when everyone has seen it


I read an interview with Jason Isaacs that i can’t seem to find now, but from the moment he was approached he questioned what his characters background and motives would be, and his storyline was built out from there (according to him, literally at the same meeting they then spent several hours working out Lorca’s storyline including his origin/background). He’s also the one who decided he should have a southern accent, because he apparently fancied playing a character with a southern accent?

He’s open to returning; it all depends on the story they offer him.

He (Isaacs) wanted his Engage/Make it so line to be ‘Git-r-dun’ but was vetoed because of the association with Larry the cable guy.


So Discussion? On last Episode? And what next?


Was a little bit disappointed in the ending. It suffered from the ‘quickness’ of the plot I felt in earlier episodes. But that is perhaps a limit of the new series long story arc that they have adopted.

Felt a bit more stand off could have been played with the Klingons and Starfleet, or certainly more tension. I didnt really feel it.

I did like however, the portrayal of the area of Kronos the away team landed at. Loving the Emperor Georgio indulging herself with the orion slaves, and Tilly getting high.

Good ole Starfleet ideals winning through. Boo. But I guess that’s Starfleet for you.

So what next?

Enterprise I believe is nothing more than a nod to link the canon with the new. We may see it in the first episode delivery some sort of message to Discovery, maybe even deliver a long lost "real Lorca"
Think there is still plenty story to left to explore with the new klingon empire, and how L’rell may struggle to keep a grip of power, and of course the Emperor floating about.

I think they have plenty time between Disco and TOS to fill in some gaps in Canon.

I for one certainly looking forward to more.


agreed, it felt like all the bits after the speech to the klingons could’ve been the start of the next season, and they could’ve fleshed out the ending with a couple more scenes, but then it wouldn’t have had it’s pseudo-cliffhanger ending. Overall could have maybe done with a couple of extra episodes.


the whole Klingon war just ended too quick for me. Spore drive I feel will be the big plot of the next season. I hope, it doesnt focus on the Enterprise, and its just a quick appearance.


been rewatching the latter two seasons of enterprise and reached the episode with the constitution class (TOS era) USS Defiant that was mentioned in Disco, and I’d forgotten that it was Phlox and Reed who had invented the torture tubes in the mirror universe.

Also it references a completely different method of travelling between universes that isn’t spore drive or transporter accident related, and it’s one that results in time as well as interdimensional travel (and which the terran empire is aware of). They could definitely do something with that in the future.


Season 2






when it says discuss spoilers in the topic, are we taking that as a warning that there are season 1 spoilers in the thread, or actually promoting discussion of any spoilers ahead of the next season? Just checking if i need to vacate the thread until it’s airing :wink:


Any and all spoilers may be discussed. Be warned.

Anyway, DISCO!!! Cannae wait. Good trailer, looks fun.