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And now fucking Ferguson got injured and is out of this weekends fight!

On the up-side though, Badass Max Holloway is stepping up and fighting Khabib instead!

SIX DAYS NOTICE and he’s fighting in a heavier weight class! If Max wins… oh my.


Conor you fucking moronic scumbag :rage:
Not impressed at all at his and his goons’ actions. Ciesa was almost out but still fighting. Ray Borg has corneal scratches and loses out on a fight (and income). Rose Namajunes stormed out and was said to be shook badly (I really want to see her win, she’s a breath of fresh air in her division), Lobov was slapped by Khabib (which is uncalled for) and since he was in the mob of morons, he’s off the card. Conor has turned himself in to the NYPD and is facing multiple charges and is going to get sued for millions.

What a fucking dumbass! I was a huge Conor fan, but him not having fought in the UFC in over 500 days, just talking shite and promoting burger fucking king… He’s just gotten boring now. He doesn’t run shit.

The UFC and associated media should be focussing on Max Holloway now and seeing what happens with the fight against Khabib.
If Max can pull of a miracle and drop Khabib and win… It’ll beat McNugget’s record for youngest 2-weight class division champion. I really like Max, he does good trash talk, turns up to fight, defends his title, steps in on 6 days notice. Pure class all the way.


Fuck, just found out that Max Holloway has been deemed medically unfit to fight. The weight cut got to him and he couldn’t make the weight safely :frowning:


Heard about hi antics on the news this morning. Didn’t know he hasn’t fought for that long


Yeah, I was reading up on this in the morning too. I get all the sledging and shit-talking that is done in the name of entertainment (albeit, I don’t find it entertaining personally) - but this was just thuggery. Someone got glass in their eye, which could have blinded them. What a twat.


Even Dana White is pissed at him. He’s burnt a lot of bridges, could realistically end up in jail now, at the very least is going to be sued for millions


Khabib will fight Anthony Pettis now. If McGregor had fucked about he might of got the fight


HAH! :smiley:


This is going to be one hell of a fight night! :open_mouth:


Embedded series for this fight has begun :slight_smile:


Episode 2


Episode 3


Episode 4:


Episode 5:


Episode 6:


In terms of who I’m looking to win, either Miocic or Cormier, either one of those guys deserves a win. They’re both going make crazy money (Stipe is guaranteed $750K and Cormier $500K), but they are both phenomenal fighters.

I’d like to seer N’Gannu win his fight.

Paul Felder would be a cool win. He’s done some fucking monstrous wars against a few others, but Perry is tough as nails.

I’d say Pettis will take the win against Chiesa.