Warframe - welcome to [ZiiP]


Wish I could have joined :rage: Wifey decided we all have to spend time at her sisters place, my frustration level today is very high


Up to now no one showed up, maybe we just do it at a later date.


Sorry was with the gf last night…Will try to make the next one!


So lets try again this friday/saturday?


This Fri will work out well :smiley:


There should be a nice update this week too, my guess is it drops tomorrow. New game mode as well as a new (bondage :smiley: ) Warframe to unlock. What I saw till now it will be awesome to play in teams as well as solo.


So I had a quick talk with spoon yesterday, he doesn’t has time today. Maybe we don’t do the Rift runs yet, BUT if my feelings are correct they release the new game mode today (I hope) which means we can play through it and acquire the new frame as a bonus. I think that would be pretty awesome as its meant to be played in teams (or solo).

Afterwards we can also run a few rifts if you like or maybe some Orokin missions to get you some mods. We can decide on the fly and improvise, whatever you need or like better. I’m mainly leveling new gear right (MR 21 is near) now and farm ressources (Kuva, for rerolling my rivens.


Dojo update, de to the Khora update I was kinda busy in frming the new parts BUT I also started the research for the new weapon (Veldt). It will be ready in around 2.5 days as its research time is 3 days total.

As far as I can tell the Veldt is a semi automatic gun similar to the Latron Prime, it has a slightly lower status chance but is also only Mastery Rank 8 instead of 10. The biggest change though is that almost all its damage is slash based making it a monster for a Hunters Munition/Slash based build.

If anyone wants to try out the new game mode Sacntuary Onlsaught and needs a team mate, I will be occasional playing today. Still hunting the last Khora part, so if you wanna team up give me a call. So far my highscores are all around 1.6 Mio for team play mainly due to bug issues plaguing the mode right now.

I wil try and get a guide out for team compositions and/or solo play to get to Zone 8. I would love to have a clan event some time soon, it seems all the last events fall flat on their face as Iw as the only one atually showing up … . I planned so much stuff we could do.