Warhammer Painting


So, in the cold afternoon light, it’s not as bad as I thought it was, I’m actually fairly happy with the scheme aside from the silver:

In addition to the silver though I’d spend some more time making the coverage of the sepia wash over the white more even so you there is less patchiness/fewer strokes visible, or failing that encorporate it in to the scheme.

I’ll finish the highlights on the purple and white/bone and do the gold just to test the rest of the scheme then do a final test model to doubly check I’m happy then strip off the three test models and apply the scheme to whole group.

One thing about the scheme is that the white isn’t even close to the reference image I was working on, but I quite like it. Maybe I’ll do a Mortifactors splinter chapter or something.

Somewhere in there I’ll assemble a couple of test models for my Necro gang and test their paint scheme, although I can’t see there being too many problems since they’re just following this general scheme:

Gotta grab the models for the guardians as well to check how much they dwarf the Neophytes since the Neophytes are 28mm and the Guardians are 50-something.


Those last models look so life like, how did you get the faces like that; marvelous work. They look just like the Ravages from GotG 2.


I called “finished” on both of these last night, but now that I’ve seem the photo of the Plaguecaster I want to put just a little highlighting on his big beat stick;

Same with this Sergeant/Champ - feel like I need to lighten the grass and do something with his power fist but…


Nicely done fella. I can see what you meant by the “where does the flesh end and the armour begin?” issue you mentioned before :slight_smile:


I thought this was rather awesome :smiley:


So… there is a new Knight on the way…

Fuck me, that’s a lot of guns. Enough to make an Ork proud!



Daka for gork and mork


This is one hell of a paintjob! :open_mouth:


This speaks to me…


So true matey, so very true


Got stuck with motivation on the Helbrute (so much detail and I don’t want to screw it up) so I switched fire. Now I have too many “work in progress’s”!!!


There is no such thing as “too many things in progress”… :smiley: