Warhammer Painting


Yeah been keeping an eye on this and looking at the rules.

Looks very interesting but way out my monies range :slight_smile:


Fucking hell, if you didn’t realise the smaller scale, you’d think it’s a proper titan!


I so love the Titan models. Wish i could get the Forge World ones but way out of my monies league.

And that is some great detail even for a smaller model


As lovely as a proper titan would be, it would just be a model sat on the desk (like everything else at the moment). I’m looking forward to when they release Reavers and Warhounds. Hopefully, they will release them quickly after the initial release.

I’m so tempted by this, but cannot justify that estimated price for the boxed kit! I had to help someone out yesterday and it took a chunk our of my wallet.


@NaloaC Did you ever get started on the one we got you?


I am purposefully holding off on it until I clear some undercoated stuff out of the way. I need to at least get a set of Primaris Reivers painted up in Chapter colours before I tackle absolutely anything else.


Fuck me… €230 for this:

The models alone come to €220…


Huzzah! It’s sold out and they stated that they won’t be doing a re-run of it until 2019 :smiley:

That removes the temptation :smiley: