Well this is nice


domain was registered about 2004/05


i more meant pages * posts per page would give us a target to aim for, but you’re right (and i’m sure this is what you meant), we could just catalog everything on youtube into a single thread. We shall call it the ALLTHREAD, and it shall guide us through this new era with animals behaving like people, diy tutorials, and poor quality copies of vintage music videos.


You mean to say that if I had just created a single HTML page with an ‘add content’ form and just saved the content to form on long thread… that would have sufficed?

Man… wish i’d have known.


sufficed/sufficient is so subjective though, it would only have been such until anyone ever wanted anything else.

i managed to type sufficed as suffificed.

also my avatar has mouse ears :smiley: image


@jester I’m really liking this, reminds me of StackExchange :wink:


Got a new laptop, thought I’d pop by and say hi, and this is all different… so


Well now. Ain’t this a whole bunch of stuff!?


Really liking how well this all works on mobile! :grinning:


Well isn’t this just terribly fancy :slight_smile:


Hello tharr strangers…

This is very confusing - I need to learn Discourse, I think, as I can’t figure out where things are or how to get there. Oh, and I’m Black Scorpion again - goes off to browse images etc…

But anyway - hiya. I dun and bin away for a bit, and now I is back.

Still doing the same old nonsense as ever, only needing more fire, more strings and more loud!



Ahh - mobile. Right need to do that!


Welcome back @Frog51! - No one every really leaves… :wink:

lol - feel free to pen test it… just tell me the results first. :smiley:


Hahahahaha - I promise, no naughty behaviour.

No - strike that - I mean no messing with the server behaviour :slight_smile:


@Frog51 great to see you back on the forums… wait, can we call it that any more…

Welcome back Rory and the Insidious Dr. Mayhem :smiley: