What have you just bought?


Just ordered the Huawei P20 Pro phone. Managed to get 15gb data up from 3gb for 34 a month. Down from 42. 130 quid up front for the phone however, game are going to (hopefully) give me 171 quid to trade in my s7 edge. So did win


Backed the Binding of Isaac Card Game, seems like it could be fun and a bit different! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/isaacfoursouls/the-binding-of-isaac-four-souls?ref=user_menu


On top of the recent laptop, a few things for the new office ‘space’

AOC 32" 2560x1440 screen:

Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard (German Layout):


I’ve got that AOC screen. Love it!


An iZettle card reader for when i have a stall… two events booked so far




Had the back mech (top pic) from new (about 4 years ago) so has done well but needs replacing now. Hopefully i can get riding a bit better on all the gears rather than the 2 im stuck with atm :slight_smile:


My RAT7 finally pissed me off one too many times with its disconnecting and reconnecting that I finally got a new mouse :slight_smile:


Ahh, that’s my own beast of choice as well. Decently weighty, precise, lots of clicky bits and looks a bit like a starfighter. Covers all my needs.


@DM501 had any issues with it? I’ve gone through two already and switched to a steelseries somethingorother for a change. first one the mechanism for holding the mouse wheel in either ‘clicky’ or free scrolling broke leaving it a frustrating combination of the two, and in the second one the middle-click function on the mousewheel stopped working. they swapped the last one out for a new one but i’d already got the steelseries thing by the time it arrived.


Huh! None at all, actually, it’s worked perfectly for a few years now. I’ve actually been pretty startled at how like-new it’s remained. Either I’ve ended up being quite lucky, or you’ve managed to be particularly unlucky


Own the same mouse, no issues for around 4 years now. Its fabolous, use it for my notebook too if I’m on the run!


I’ve got one still new in the box, from the last RMA, but I’m getting on well with the steel series so i’ll probably stick with that until i encounter an issue.

They’re consumer products, designed to break or become obsolete, so I’m pretty certain all of y’all must be doing something wrong if you’re not using them until they break :stuck_out_tongue:


Just noticed mine is the G900, got it confused. They look so much a like, main difference is mine is wireless if I like to!