What have you just bought?


Black Panther 4K for £13.99 :grimacing:



i needed a game that would last a long time and no stress ( i got the game in english i just like the Jap box art way better)


£24.99 I do already own The Martian and Kingsman but my Martian isn’t the extended edition and this one is. So I am going to trade my copy of The Martian and Kingsman along with my copy of The Shallows (which I got for £8, trade in is £10) in at CEX and buy Spider-Man Homecoming (4K) and Thor Ragnarok (4K) for £15 after trade in. I do love me some bargains.



as i am a fool who spends money he doesn’t have. second hand on ebay



I miss my 3DS. How many have you got now Reno?


this will be my 3rd :S


2x3TB WD red drives


a new coat, super comfy too :smiley: and a hell of a lot of fabric :joy::joy:


A lotto ticket and a 4-pack of beer.


Exchanged a few more bits at Cex and added Atomic Blonde (4K) and Kingsman The Golden Circle (4K) to my order of Spidey and Thor.