What have you seen lately?


I’ve begun rewatching The A-Team. right now, Hannibal and BA are using a macgyvered flame thrower to burn down a cult compound because the leader of the cult stole hannibal’s cowboy boots. They are definitely the good guys.


I watched “The Losers” (Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Idris Alba, Zoe Saldana, Chris Evans, etc) last night. Kind of a fun/silly A-team wanna be film with a bit of Michael Bay in there.

Daft but fun.


I love The Losers; they dropped the marketing budget for it at the time because The A-Team came out the same year and it’s a send-up, but it’s a better film in a lot of ways, particularly given it’s much smaller budget.


Binge-watching Altered Carbon. It’s brilliant.

The Bladerunner fans kicking up a stink sound pretty similar to the ‘pureist’ Trek fans kicking off over Discovery.


Ignore those guys. They don’t know nuthin.


I liked Altered Carbon overall - great aesthetic. I did have the feeling like it alternated violently between being smart and being stupid as a series, but it had enough interesting ideas that I enjoyed. My main disappointment were any moments involving the envoys - whenever the word ‘envoy’ got invoked, the writing seemed to me like it disintegrated to online fanfiction level.

As an enthusiastic upside, really liked James Purefoy (I basically like that guy in anything) and the AI hotel.

Also, the republican candidate from house of cards is pretty nifty in a dystopian sci-fi future. He shoulda mentioned that in his electoral campaign - it might have helped.


there’s a (poor quality) copy of the Playhouse 90 '58 production of Heart of Darkness with Roddy McDowell. I’m not sure if it ever got any physical media release, if it did it’s long out of print.

While i wouldn’t say it’s a comedy, it has a very peculiar comedic tone that’s completely at odds with the book (which is one of my favourite books, ever). If anyone’s familiar with the book or it’s various adaptations, it’s worth a look as a point of interest. That and Boris Karloff is Kurtz.

Fair warning, as with loads of older media time and a lack of care and attention mean it’s showing it’s age, and there’s no trailer, so i’ve provided some narration to the below screengrabs.

‘I’m a tattered man; my skin’s come loose in places and I have trouble holding it on; I have to look in corners for the broken pieces of myself. If I find a hand I’ve lost, I pin it to my sleeve so there will be something for people to grasp when they greet me.’

‘I said don’t touch!’


I would like to recommend “The Limehouse Golem”. Stars Bill Nighy as an English Detective saddled with this case as a scapegoat for the Met. Set in London before Jack the Ripper.

Very clever plot, gory as you would expect with the film centred around a trial of a wife accused of poisoning her husband.

Rating: 9/10


That sounds grand! :slight_smile:


I’m a bit behind (I get to see a couple of films a year) but just saw Thor Ragnarok the other day. Korg - my favourite character from any Thor film!

Good fun.

And really enjoyed Altered Carbon, despite it not being as close to the book as I’d like


“Piss off, ghost!”



Just bought/downloaded Last Jedi through Sky.