What have you seen lately?


high rise is a bit notorious for that, but i fell asleep shortly after i started watching it and haven’t tried again yet :confused:

The Evil Within, because i’m still working through horror movies I’ve missed or skipped in the last 20 years. It’s a bit odd, started filming in 2002 (so the cast are way younger than i know they are), had a bunch of issues, wrapped in 2008, and the writer/director (Andrew Getty, of those Getty’s) spent years trying to get it to where he wanted it before dying in 2015 with it still unreleased. It’s the only film he worked on.


Agents of Shield season 5 finale… I held off on the last 6 episodes till I saw Infinity War (Oh yeah, saw this Wednesday, amazing).

Season 5 of AoS was bloody brilliant!! Only downside is that season 6 won’t start airing till Mid 2019 after Avengers 4.


Still not seen Inifinty wars and cant remember where I stopped watching AoS, worth going back to then?

Last I can remember was they where back on earth and they explosion had happened in the base.


Very much worth. IMHO