ZiiP Golf Society (The Golf Club 2)


Il pop some pennys in when i can. Got a couple of grand. I think i dont need any more t-shirts.

Might pop in for a round after footy about 9 tonight.


I just played your ghost @Scottyboy on some desert - you seem to have a bit of trouble in the middle off the tee… although you did get 3 impressive Eagles…

I’ve decided to spend of couple of quid on myself. Kept it respectful though, being a professional golf society…


Awesome. Thats pretty cool getting the ghost. Cant remember the round much though. First time i had a ghost thought someone was playing along with me but just couldnt see em.


I’ll be on just after 9. Don’t tee off without me


I can’t remember what I’ve mention or posted over the last week… been a bit random. Anyhow, if I haven’t mentioned this, my mom loves golf, but hasn’t been able to play for a couple of years because of… well. life. Anyhow - I got her this and setup an account.

She’s only played a few holes - hit the pin twice. :open_mouth:

Her name is ZiiPSilverFox (now an honorary ZiiP member of course… Although if anyone shortens that and refers to her as ‘foxy’, then I’ll probably be having words lol :stuck_out_tongue:) - She’ll be on when she has a chance - after a bit of practice :slight_smile:


Round of golf some time this week chaps?


Yeah, im up for some golf.


Tuesday night about 7ish suit? @Scottyboy @Jester


Yeah, could do a round :wink:


Yep. Im in