3d printer recommendations

Oi oi @n0tch, how have you found the printer to be? Was there loads of fiddling around with it at the start?

Sorry dude, I didn’t see this. We should have had 5 mins on Discord to talk proper. I had no real issues with mine at the start. Worked right out the box. All the things I did/made for it were “helpful”. Lets chat more soon.

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Please, lets :slight_smile:

You have some problems with it further down the line?

@vredesbyrd @n0tch @Jester I’m contemplating one of these:

€280 at the moment with free shipping and no customs.

Review from this year:

A few upgrades can be done to get a better result, but it all seems reasonable?

I’ll have a look in to this one when I’m a little less tired tomorrow.

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I’m not completely sold on that Printer.

Review summary from this review:


Some of the PLA test prints:

PET-G filament:

TPU filament:

ASA filament:

The comments on the review show some weirdness with their software as well:

All printers have quirks with different filament, but the manual bed-levelling and the inconsistent prints mentioned in other reviews rings a few alarm bells for me. Sounds like a few too many quirks.

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That review video I posted shows some ways of getting a really smooth finish on PLA. I’m just hunting suggestions right now :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah I watched it through. That is a hell of a lot of effort to get the best our of that printer. I had to go to some effort with the ones at work but most of the issues were just learning how things worked and then adjusting for iffy filament

I’ll go digging again for what is considered to be the daddy in the sub-£500 printers and post up what I find mate.

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Anycubic have their i3 Mega S going for €220 at the moment. Upgraded print bed for €18 as well.

Will do PLA and ABS.

Seems like a reasonable price?

From what i have been reading, the Anycubic i3 Mega S is one of the best ones you can get for sub $300, so about €220 at the moment with free shipping.

It’s essentially the same as what @n0tch has, maybe just rebranded?

Not had a proper look around yet but that one has come up in the few places I’ve gotten around to looking.

All3Dp review is as the best sub-300 printer. Few other reviews I’ve come across all say it’s pretty damn good too out-of-the-box.

Bearing in mind, this will be primarily for printing wargaming terrain. I might try to dabble in making 3D printouts of some of our wetland sites if I can get that to work.


I’d love me one of these. Much jealousy abounds.


It looks similar, but deffo not a rebrand. I have the JGAurora A5. They are now doing the A5S which is supposed to be very good. If you don’t need a 300mm bed size, the A3S is good.

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You could make jigsaw terrain with it theirs a website with billions of 3d images people have made can’t recall it though


I just recently backed a Kickstarter with something like 700+ terrain models :blush: 5GB worth of files!!!


Holy shit…


Let me know when you’re happy to take orders :+1:


Can I ask as I suspect it… I would assume strongly that the hardware will have it’s physical limitations… But… It HAS to have software to be able to translate and exploit / exercise the hardware correctly.

Sooooooooooooooo, is that looked at when choice is made? Is it a thing?

I not gonna get one, cos can’t justify (can’t really afford, but would look at if could do as investment), but trying to understand.