Arma 3

I’ll just leave this here


Yeah saw this. Life in the old dog yet.

I reinstalled the other day. Fancied a jog.


ARMA III is still one of my most favourite games.

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I think we all like a good FPS and the flexibility with this should really be scratching our itches.

Might be tempted to give it a reinstall.

I was getting into The Division 2 until book project came along. Now I can’t remember where I’m at or what I was doing.

I want to check out A3 Cold War. My favourite period in history other than the 17th of October, 1455.

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What happend at almost 3pm?

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global mobilization has 13 co-op missions in it if anyone fancies giving any of them a crack.

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Would be up for that.

it has some typical Arma issues.

attempt 1: Get told to pick up one of our downed guys AT launcher. The guy is dead under a manned friendly vehicle that has run over him.

attempt 2: The armoured transport we have to wait on isn’t turning up because the driver got taken out in the previous firefight

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I’ll be vastly disappointed if after a 5 hour session of skin-of-your-teeth survival, your mission isn’t concluded by staring skyward in disbelief as your two rescue choppers smash into each other as they attempt to land.

It just wouldn’t be ARMA.


Think my game is fairly up to date. Just got to get that Cold War expansion. I could be around Friday evening if anyone fancied it? What it is I am not sure but Arma of some sort.

Shall we say Friday evening? For something Arma? Shall we take 3 hours choosing what to play, only for the majority of us to be to fucking drunk to do anything about it?

Sounds like ARMA!™


I can be about Friday

It will probably be my first online gaming with you buggers in, well, at least 6 months - if not longer.

I shall endeavour to be there. drunk.

What are the keys again?

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2 yales and a chubb

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are you here all week?

Seriously though, can someone sensible (looking at you Ad or Scotty. More Scotty than Ad to be fair. Not looking at Hammy at all) come up with something cool to do for Friday? Please?

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Dude, shh. I am lining up Hammy to do a Chubb joke.

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