Ashes of Creation


I do like my MMORPGs having tried out most of the mainstream ones since I started playing WoW back in 2006. I think one of the first games I played in ZiiP was Age of Conan. Great days.

I’m not sure now how many ZiiPsters are into MMOs but this one has always been interesting since it’s birth in 2017. Still a few years out but check out this video. It has a LOT of promise.

It would be great to get a proper ZiiP guild up and running in a brand new MMO. Fingers crossed.

If you do create an account (it’s free) please use my referral link.


Well fuck, I watched the video and used the video creators referral link! :open_mouth: Sorry fella!

Looks interesting.

I enjoyed my time in Age of Conan, until my stabby stabby guy became horribly nerfed and was useless in combat.

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No probs, that’s what I did as well. He deserves it more TBF :wink:

Going to keep an eye on this.

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Account created, link used :+1:


Have been thinking about dipping my toes back into this style of game. Not played one since rift. Will look at it later


I hope the combat mechanics are as nice as in for example in Black Desert. Throwing out skills via keyboard combo strings is pretty awesome and creates a very dynamic feeling combat. The node system in this looks cool though.

The % combat types idea is interesting. Not fully fleshed out yet though.

Link to the bit where he talks about the combat system.

I think the primary / secondary class system is amazing. Balancing will be a bitch though.

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No idea if I’ll play. But account created, link used.


Big dev update yesterday:

Timestamp of hybrid combat system:

Timestamp of castle siege:

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Really shaping up nicely. Hopefully it’ll be scalable but still pretty - my pc is starting to get old, don’t really fancy a rebuild until 2022 if I can get away with it.

This is still in Alpha, so you have time :wink:

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This is still in alpha but developing nicely. They took the view to convert from UE4 to UE5 which is a great move.