Battlefield 2042

Reveal due in a little under 2 hours. Need to find link.

Apparently going to be called 2042!! Damn you /shakes fist.

Shall watch with interest.

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Could be the only thing that brings me back until I rage quit after 2 rounds


Still a long way from 2142 if you ask me. I would have preferred a 2141 or 2143 or closer.

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Balls, I didn’t realise its 100 years before! God damn it give me 2143 you sluts


At least it isn’t 1942.

Quite excited.

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So the YouTube countdown turns into an EA countdown. Just have one fucking countdown you cuntdowns.

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Oh god. Ejecty pilot rpg shooty grabby fly off bullshit in the trailer. Oh dear.

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Some closer quarters stuff looked good, the rest was shit. Very disappointed.

Watch the trailer. Looks nice, looks very scripted. Game will play nothing like that. Again confirming my fps days are over

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More information here - Not all PS centric

This trailer makes me think about BF6 the way I think about porridge. It’s probably alright, some days I might even be in the mood for porridge, but if I’m walking down the cereal isle, I’m not gravitating to the porridge.

I think I’m just too old for trailers like this now. It is so obvious that this is nothing like what the game will be in gameplay or graphics, it’s just for the hype and tells us nothing beyond the setting. Tells me they’re more interested in getting me hyped to buy than interested to play.

I think I’m in line with Hammy and can’t see myself picking up another BF unless 2143 drops and even then, Dice would have had to depart from some of their recent trends for me to want to play:

  • I got what I wanted from the Battle Royale-style games through the various flavours of ARMA mods even before it became ‘the thing’ for so many games - I can only imagine that’ll be making an appearance- EDIT: Colour me corrected, from Eurogamer ‘Battlefield 2042 has no campaign and no battle royale mode’
  • Killing communities with private servers that aren’t private servers and give communities virtually no control over the experience
  • The ‘COD moshpit’-style gameplay many FPS multiplayer games have been drifting towards.
  • Gadgets. Enough with the gadgets.
  • Where in the god damn fuck is Titan mode?!

No Campaign, seasonal battle passes, yet still charging £49.99.

It’s £59.99/£69.99 on PS4/PS5 :face_vomiting:


'There will also be the option of playing against AI bots, either solo or with a squad of friends. ’

Two things for me there:

  • That sounds like there is a higher degree of game customisation than there was in BF5 onwards. That might be promising.
  • I spent a lot of time playing against bots in BF2, wanking about getting used to the classes/their gear, the vehicles and learning the maps.

Unless it is some small, sectioned off extra bit and not something accomplished through server configs, that is a positive for me.

Edit: erm, ok:

Within that is the introduction of Specialists - named hero characters with their own traits and abilities that complement the existing class system within Battlefield.


Edit 2: bunch of stuff in that article. Give it a look.

Apparently Dice LA are working on another mode or game or something but it’s apparently going to be a “love letter to fans”.


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Contemplating what I liked.

From trailer alone… i liked the following:-

Robot dogs BD style. With guns
Hovercrafts. With guns.
Littlebird style choppers.With guns
Dudes in a taxi getting sucked into a tornado. A frigging tornado!
Wing suits!
General shootyness.

What I didnt like:-
Dude ejecting and RPGing other jet.

But all considered it didnt blow me away. Im like “meh, some cool stuff” .

Shall get it no doubt through EA pro thingy.

hmm I think Im just easy to please heh, I quiet liked it :slight_smile:

I think they were doing a lil homage to the old epic BF3 thing


Least thats what Im thinking!?

I do see alot of good things, yea I would love a proper campaign but if they are going back to the days of 1942… then that could be a good thing :slight_smile: and no battleroyal… thank funk, I bloody hate that stupid mode now!

But for now roll on the 13th June for some gameplay!!! but like scotty I think it will be a buy for me, and Id love to play with you lot on it again like the good ol times :slight_smile:

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Loving JackFrags reading the approved press release chat.

Ok. Something I read which he has just mentioned, and I hate the sound of it! Plus Systems On Guns!!

I mean wtf? Just change your gun spec on the fly as you play??

OOOH Ziplines!!

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Fixed that for you :slight_smile: