Battlefield 4 Revisited

Quite a few people have given BF4 a blast again since seeing the trailer for the new BF. I think I might do the same.

I’m was extremely lucky and got an RTX3070 at not much over the RRP… so would be good to play with a decent FPS… in 4K :smiley:

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ohhh installed this the other day to play, Ill be on tonight if anyone about??


I’ll be up for getting back on with you guys… although I’m hilariously bad at using KB and mouse now, too much time on consoles I think!


Guess who’s back? Back again…

BF4 in 4K is a bit nice. Super smooth with a 3070.

I think I have lost my PC….


No… nooooooooo no kniefy! no staby! Or red dot time! :wink: hehe


Slight side note, anyone having issues with seeing/finding servers?? My game cant see any and google is not being overly helpful…

Nope. Multiplayer >> Servers is the oldskool listing way. I tried the “put me in a game now matchmaking thing” and it couldn’t find any to play on…

Kept getting servers showing as 20-40ping, join them and find they’re actually between 150 and 200 ping and getting kicked.

Yea have been reading some server issues with the influx of folks playing again. Ive tried via the old school way but showed no servers, tried the way jester said and yea got the same… so I played about in the test area thingy. Messed about with the tanks etc :slight_smile:

This brings back memories! Hayley was the master of knifing, I still hear the eye shattering screams of the victims. Especially if you managed to knife her once in a blue moon :stuck_out_tongue:

If there are a few people kicking around I would install it again ! I miss BF4, BF5 played alright but didn’t quite had the right atmosphere.


Well got into a lil game last night, remembered how bad I am :slight_smile: but had a lil laugh heh, tried the carrier mode (bit like the 2142 titan mode) was really fun :slight_smile:

We should arrange a night, see who we can get on :slight_smile:

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im game for this on the weekends

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