Battlefleet Gothic Armada II

So, the initial factions have now been shown!

Imperial Navy.
Tau Empire.
Dark Eldar.

Not super liking the Necron voiceover… sounds far too chipper to me. Needs to be more menacing. But I am hoping that this is a significant improvement on the original.

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looking forward to more light cruiser knife fighting. In space, stabbing > guns.

And it’s been delayed into January 2019.

I didn’t mention that Tau and Dark Eldar are also in the faction list. First post updated.

Looks like Necrons are going to be showcased shortly.

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Don’t forget its 40k - in 40k space battles stabbing can literally mean space stabbing!



stabbing is the only way to go, and dauntless light cruisers are/were better at it than anything else. You still get whatever shooting, but alternating between Full Speed Ahead and All Stop knackers anything your front pointy bit hits (i know all the technical terms). Ramming a single dauntless through the middle of a demiurge will always stick with me.