Call of duty - Black OPs: Cold War

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Im not sure how I feel about this. Have to say some of the campaign as normal looks quite good. And will likely get into that. I enjoyed the early days of Modern Warfare sowith that in mind I will likely grab it at launch. Althought think I may be on holiday when its out, so no doubt that will allow me the long time to download the 300GB that will be required.

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Again, everything is super shiny still somehow like it’s all just in from the rain.

I’m done with CoD. Modern Warfare was enough for me. I’m not paying those prices for games any more either.

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Yeah I hear ya. £49.99 though is not bad. I have no interest in deluxe/ultimate whatever editions at £80 for some more decorative stuff and queue jumping battlepass things.

I got decent value out of Modern Warfare. Played alot of multiplayer, thoroughly enjoyed the campaign, had some fun at coop. Will keep watching for more MP gameplay footage etc and see whats what.

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Rental on PS5 for Campaign for me.

Will see if i can get it cheap enough for the sp as it does look good. Be nice to be in a different era

Geforce RTX reveal trailer.

Multiplayer Game play reveal livestream in 2 minutes.

Ziplines!! wooohoo

(PS5 trailer)

By all accounts gun play not as nice as Modern Warfare. From early play anyway. Im still on fence on this one.

30 March 2010 I uploaded (why? I hear you ask) this, my first ever bit of recorded gameplay, from Bad Company 2…I have no clue what was going on with resolutions and compressions! lol


Still one of the best Battlefield titles.


very good. Just curious relevance to COD Black Ops Cold War? :thinking:

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Just struck me the difference in graphics over the years… :wink::rofl:

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@ChEd and the dart gun lol

Fastest Remote Control car in the world! In the eighties!. Terrible.

Was my one worry about this. I wanted 80s weapons and only 80s weapons

I wasnt that impressed with that scene at all. Dunno. Maybe the PS5 play had something to do with it. The “auto aim” too obvious, The distance to use Binoculars? dunno. I think I quit watching after the rocket RC Car.