Call of duty - Black OPs: Cold War

Ok pre-loading.

Something to do on Friday now.

Game doesn’t appeal to me I am afraid… from watching the vids feels like a step back from what has come before… seems dated.

So far so good. Enjoying the campaign. It has a nice ambience of the period about it. Typical COD gameplay really. Chase dudes, sneak passed dudes without alerting them, use your camera to take spie pics to identify your target and good shooty pew pew missions. Fly a huey (3rd person) and shoot charlie and get to use a minigun whilst in it. And you have difference character interactions. Choices to make, kill or capture kind of thing. I let a dude go and ended up betraying me. Although I think probably would have still led to same situation just without him there somehow.
You also have some puzzles and cases to kinda solve in the game mission select area. Like trying to crack codes, hone in on key suspects all from clues gathered in various missions. They also lead to side missions.

Gun play seems ok. Not had a real play about with the various weapons yet. Silenced pistols for the win! love em.

Not tried MP yet, gonna keep playing campaign for now. Will maybe get a chance at MP over the weekend.

Anyway here is a nice view from the huey back in Nam!


Novelty for me to have fun with burst fire weapon in COD. Made it to best play of the game end of match replay! woohoo

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That was good fun. I was a bit too drunk though.

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Could be a good standalone game…

Yeah we have had a couple of games of that. Quite intense.

@Scottyboy when you played the single player - did you get to try both endings?

Think there are a few different endings depending on what choices you make in the game. I played quite a “by the book” “forgiving” type character. I may play again with a bit more aggression in my decisions.

I watched a jackfrags run through where he disobeyed the commands on the “interrogation mindmelt” and went off exploring in caves etc. opening up other parts - its a shame the MP of the game looks utter crap cos the single player looked quite good - just can’t justify the outlay

Campaign was good if a bit short but interesting things to do on the menu. MP is pretty good. Enjoying it.

Very satisfying flash bang.

Oooh rocking the silencer. Nice.

Yip. Totally loving the DMR14. Got into a groove with it now after shake start.

As much as I love the MP5, in a non hardcore game mode you do need a lot of hits to get a kill.

I might try out some higher calibre semi-autos.

Nuketown tomorrow

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War - Official Nuket…:

9% off at green man gaming just now. @Jester

Takgi on PS4,

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Fab games last night with @Scottyboy. Not drinking deffo helped my aim and levels of “WTF Bullshittery”