Call of Duty: Vanguard

Jist watches the live reveal trailer during warzone. Sure a linl will be available soon.

Looks like a good old ww2 game, Easter Front, Western Front, Pacific, North Afrca (rescue the prisonahs!). Not much in the terms of modes but 4 player campaign Im sure I heard would be awesome.

I’ll play the campaign that’s for sure.


NGL impressed by the 20 maps at launch and cross everything.

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Some of the maps will no doubt be the small 2v2 maps.

Interesting update on Anti Cheat. Sounds positive.

Anyone pick this up? Gonna have a blast this evening. Probably a bit campaign and maybe a bit MP.

Had a good play through the campaign. Solid COD campaign game play, nothing ground breaking. Re-visits some historical WW2 events from the view of individual characters. These characters also contribute to the main storyline set towards end of WW2. Think there is like 4 of them so you play through the missions as each of them as a way of showcasing their character.

Overall, usual type of COD play, sniping, machine gunning, holding the line against waves of attacks, sneaky sneak missions. All good. Good mix of weapons, STG44, MP40’s Bren guns, sten gun etc etc. Had an air mission based around Midway which was quite cool, especially as I had just watched the battle of midway movie recently. Kinda plays like that.

I did have to take a moment at the El-Amein mission. The visuals just blew me a way a bit. Just the explosions, and the heat haze and the enemy characters within it was pretty awesome

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Was getting killed a lot last night on multi by a guy called Caolan, not someone from here is it :wink:


No sir, 'twasn’t me! :smiley:

How you been finding multiplayer?

Its ok for me. Does really give me the old “World at War” feel to it. Especially playing the remake of that Japanese map.

Loving it, apart from the shotgun hooligans running around! I’m only playing the das haus/shipment playlist at the mo.

Ivw only had one bad experience with shotguns and that was before nerfing them apparently and on das haus. To be fair Das Hause and Shipment are prime shotgun maps.

Hey peeps. I’m baaaccckkkkk. So picked up Vanguard a couple weeks ago now. Playing on PS5.

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Hey fella. Defo get a crossplay game in. Be good if you can sort out getting on Discord coms as well sure it must be possible these days.

Aparently Sony had a deal with Discord. So maybe will be integration soon. Yo still on PC then?