Carrier Command 2


Ok who remembers Carrier Command from wwwaaayyyy back when?

Well there is a Carrier Command 2 :slight_smile:

Steam Link if you wanna wish list etc

Carrier Command 2 is the real-time strategy game that puts you in command of a futuristic carrier capable of deploying a vast array of aircraft and amphibious units. Compete against AI or human players and hop into every single vehicle to take matters into your own hands!

I played the origonal on the ol Amiga 500+ back in the day, I was sooo crap at this game but I loved it!! I was browsing the world of you tube at work… and came over this:

Holy hell, the level of detail… this was built for a team to run this ship!!! soo many buttons… anyway, I wanted to bring this to folks attention, as if I can find some folks who would like to try multi-role the carrier :slight_smile: ohhhhh baby

(also what am I doing wrong with YT links???)

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I had this for a while. I think the correct format for embedding is followed by the video ID. Something like that anyway.

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Fixed it for you. As @Scottyboy says, you need the “be” links. Best way to get that is right mouse click on the actual video in YT and select “Copy video URL”. Sorted :slight_smile:


Im curious if anyone would be up for this?? Id love to play it, but I think its defo one for a group than solo…